Hard core cat-man-du customer

For 20+ years I have purchased from Dell. I can now say I am a hard core cat-man-du customer. Excellent customer service! Was helped by several professionals there. All were great!

John F Cox


They responded to our crisis with professionalism and immediate attention!

Pamela Counterman

Machine working well

I was very pleased with the results. The Dumas facility is a very good place to go with computer problems. They got my machine working very well once more.

Tanner Arnold

Knowledgeble and helpful!

The Dumas office was very knowledgeble and helpful!

Travis and Jennifer Winegeart

Loyal customer

I wanted to take a minute and drop you a not expressing just how very pleased I am with the computer and display I recently purchased from you along with the “above and beyond” service that you have given both my wife and I recently with our computer problems.

I was very pleased with the efforts you took to save the files on my old computer and load them to my new computer. Also, the information you passed on to me to get this computer up and running as fast as possible was very helpful! I was able to continue to work our business with very little interruption.

You have gained a loyal customer, and I am possing on to all I know about your quality of service!

Fred and DeLisa Cox