New Lenovo Store Products

We recently received some really great products thanks to Lenovo. Our package included the new Yoga, X1 Carbon, and T440 ThinkPad. All of these devices have amazing features that is capable of conquering any task.


The ThinkPad Yoga is less than an inch thick and will have up to 8 hours of battery life. The 12.5”screen bends back a full 360 degrees to easily display content.


The X1 Carbon ThinkPad is the lightest 14” Ultrabook currently in the world. It’s only 17mm thin and weighs less than 2.9 lbs. Another neat is the integrated gesture control technology which allows users to transition from web pages by a simple wave.


The ThinkPad T440s has a full high-definition display along with a spill-resistant keyboard. It is the 4thgeneration out of the Intel Core processors. It also allows users to switch dead batteries without having to shut down through the use of Power Bridge technology.


The new desktop, M93p Tiny, contains power and performance of a tower in a smaller more convenient size. The Tiny tower consumes 50% less power than a normal processor and can be placed virtually anywhere:on a shelf,under a desk, or docked on a wall.


The ThinkPad 8 is a Windows tablet that has all the power and processing power of a laptop. It has an 8” screen and is perfect for light tasks and web browsing. It’s a nice piece of tech to access content on the go.