John McAfee Says That Is A Hacker’s Dream

Founder of McAfee security software, John McAfee, states that the new site is a hacker’s dream. Computer hackers can steal your identity through the site.

There is nothing to stop a hacker from creating a website that pretends to be an agent that is a broker for the new healthcare program. From there they can gather all of the extremely personal data that can easily allow them access to a person’s bank account.

“This is going to happen and it’s going to happen very soon”, said McAfee.

“The hacker aspect is only one of the problems,” McAfee said. “Most people can’t even log onto the system because it’s so complex and error-ridden.”

He also stated that the site’s architecture is simply “outrageous” and was not designed to handle the volume of users that would be accessing the site.

We are just reporting what the security mogul stated in recent interviews and are in no way trying to discourage people from utilizing the site or the affordable healthcare act. We just want to make sure that our readers and clients are safe. Please do a little research on any site on which you are entering sensitive data to make sure that your identity and finances are safe.