Custom Built Computers

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Did you know we custom-build computers too?! While we’re very proud to say we’re an official Dell reseller and these are great, high-quality computers, we also recognize that some folks prefer something other than what a “stock” system might have to offer.

We can either build a system to your specifications or we can custom-design one specially for you based on your needs and wants and then build it! Not sure exactly what you’re looking for but you know you want something fast and awesome? Give us a shout!

Have an awesome case in mind along with a great new motherboard and graphics card that’s going to ensure you’re able to play the latest MMO or FPS at top resolutions and screen rates? Check!

Are you a video freelancer and needing to be able to edit efficiently in 4K while still dazzle your clients with an awesome-looking machine when they visit your office? Check!

Have a custom computer already but maybe it’s time to update it to give it a little more “pep”? We’ve got you covered!

Whatever your custom computer needs, contact us today to see how we can get you moving in the fast lane with the cool kids!

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Ataribox Unveiled – We Think It’s Beautiful

If you’ve ever seen an Atari 2600, you will recognize the similarities in Atari’s latest entry into the video game console wars. This new console perfectly mixes vintage with futuristic styling making us think of alternate timelines where Atari stayed on top of the console game (don’t hate too much on that pun).

Not many details have been released as of yet, even the website for Ataribox states “Subscribe and be the first to learn more.” However, Atari has stated that this new offering will play both “classic” games as well as “current” games and will have “modern internal specs.” That claim alone will be a tall order to fill, as the new Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro have some amazing specs.

We like the looks and the idea that it’s not only another classic style console similar to the SNES Classic but have new modern games as well and that’s exciting to think about.

Let’s just hope that this new console is able to avoid the Pitfalls (I said don’t hate) that other video game consoles have fallen into in the past with their offerings.

Sega Releases Free Classic Games For Mobile

Sega has announced it’s “Sega Forever” service and has included five classic games for free, well it’s $1.99 in the US and £1.99 in the UK to avoid the ads.

“We’re just bolting in the advertising support model and a single in-app purchase that can disable those ads,” said Mike Evans, head of Sega’s mobile division in San Francisco.

“Above all else Sega Forever is a celebration of nostalgia,” Mr Evans added. “It’s about allowing fans to reconnect with past experiences.

The app is available now via the Apple and Android app stores and currently has the following games:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Comix Zone
  • Phantasy Star II
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Altered Beast

Sega has stated that they want to add a new title every two weeks.

Google Play Apps Infected With Adware

Security firm Avast released this report earlier today stating that certain games on Google Play, once downloaded, infect your device with adware, a type of malware that causes unwanted ads to constantly pop up on your screen. “Durak,” one of the infected games, has had 5 to 10 million downloads in both English speaking countries and foreign nations.

Avast researcher Filip Chytry found adware in over a dozen apps including an IQ Test and a history app.

Once downloaded, the apps don’t start showing ads right away, often taking up to 30 days to start serving ads. According to TechCrunch, your phone has to be rebooted at least once before the adware begins but once it does, an ad will appear each time the user unlocks their phone. A warning will be shown stating that the phone is infected, in need of updating, or full of porn. The ad will ask users to be redirected to a site to fix the problem, but that site will simply collect information and personal data.

Some of the ads were from legitimate companies. Even more surprising, some were from real online security apps, such as Quihoo 360. To be sure you’re not installing dangerous apps, read descriptions carefully. Many of the descriptions of the adware-laden apps are written in broken English.

Playstation 4 Steals Xbox One’s Thunder

Just a couple weeks after Xbox made its huge announcement about the new Xbox One, Sony comes along and releases the specs and pricing on the new Playstation 4. This gaming system is stacked with the latest technology and carries a price tag $100 less than the Xbox One.

The Playstation 4 is using an eight core processor with a next-gen Radeon graphics engine. This console is designed for hardcore gaming. It’s definitely not as fast as an Intel designed chip, but stripped away from all the extra bells and whistles of a regular OS, this processor will run the most complex and processor intensive games seamlessly.

It will include the Blueray player and the good ol’ DVD player. It also has HDMI, AV, and optical output.

The Sony camera is amazing. 1280 x 800 and can even cut out players from background or separate players in front from the players in the back. Very intuitive technology.

Photo via Playstation Facebook

PlayStation 4 Specifications

  • CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next engine
  • Memory: GDDR5 8GB
  • Hard Disk Drive: Built –in
  • Optical Drive (Read only): BD 6xCAV, DVD 8xCAV
  • I/O: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX
  • Communication: Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)
  • AV output: HDMI, Analog-AV out, Digital Output (optical)

DualShock 4 specifications:

  • External Dimensions: Approx. 162mm x 52mm x 98mm
  • Weight: Approx. 210g (tentative)
  • Buttons: PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button, Directional buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right), Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), R1/L1/R2/L2/R3/L3, Right stick, Left stick, Touch Pad Button, Touch Pad 2 Point Touch Pad, Click Mechanism, Capacitive Type
  • Other Features: Light Bar, Vibration, Built-in Mono Speaker
  • Ports: USB (Micro B), Extention Port, Stereo Headset Jack
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth® Ver2.1+EDR

PS4 camera specifications

  • External Dimension: Approx. 186mm x 27mm x 27mm
  • Weight: Approx. 183g
  • Video Pixel: (Maximum) 1280 x 800 pixel x 2
  • Video Frame Rate: 1280×800 pixel @ 60fps, 640×400 pixel @ 120fps, 320×192 pixel @ 240fps
  • Video Format: RAW, YUV (uncompressed)
  • Lens: Dual Lenses, F value/F2.0 fixed focus
  • Field-of-View: 85 degrees
  • Microphone: 4 Channel Microphone Array
  • Connection Type: PS4 dedicated connector (AUX connector)
  • Cable Length: Approx. 2m (tentative)