4K Will Be The Next Generation Of HD TV Resolution

The world of home entertainment technology seems to never stop evolving. You can’t buy a brand new TV without a new and better TV rolling out while you’re leaving the store. For people like myself it can tend to be a little frustrating.

There are now four current screen resolutions for home entertainment. SD is the basic which is 720×480 resolution. Then there is HD with a resolution of 1920×1080. Then next level (which very few people actually have) is Quad HD which is 3840×2160. And now the big daddy which is 4K (or Ultra HD) which has a massive resolution pixel count of 4096×2160.

The thing about the Ultra HD televisions is that it is putting the cart before the horse when it comes to the technology. You can have the hardware, but there is currently no content filmed at this high of resolution for you to watch. It is actually said to be the last resolution TV that you will ever need, as content will have to catch up to the device sitting on your entertainment center.

This will allow consumers to view a true digital cinema experience. George Lucas was one of the first to realize that these higher resolution films will be the future after filming Star Wars Attack Of The Clones. It was filmed in full 1080 resolution, but if you sat in the front row of the theater, the edges were softened and you could event see pixel rows which obviously distracts from the experience.

While the new technology is super cool, many experts say that the difference between 1080 to the Ultra HD format will not be near as drastic as the difference between SD and HD resolution TVs. So, if you are a super movie buff, and have an extra few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then get ready to break out the credit card.

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Photo courtesy of LG.com