Voice Of the Body


Samsung believes in creating a common platform base stencil that will allow developing wearables at a quicker pace. The first challenge was to pick a comfortable location for the wearable tech. The wrist was the best location to track and improve health care. The Simband is a watch that takes full use of the band and includes sensors that monitor blood and oxygen levels along with heart rate, blood flow, and water hydration continuously.

Photo via Live Webcast

ECG and PPG sensors measures blood flow through an electrical impulse within the artery located in the wrist. This allows developers to develop new software and applications that will benefit our health and well-being. One of the fundamental problems with wearable gadgets is power. The Simband charges with a miniature sized battery pack that clips on the back on the watch, thus excluding the need to take off the gadget to charge. The watch also includes bluetooth and wifi to allow developers to get instant access to cloud. SAMI is like a bank that stores and controls your data that is only accessible to the user safely. Not only will the watch count calories and offer personal coaching, but it provides a wellness score and insights to keep track of your wellness. Samsung plans on partnering up with several companies this year to continue innovating health wellness.

Smart Watches Are The Calculator Watch Of 2014

I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the original calculator watch, but I am. I just so happened to own a bright orange calculator watch and when I walked into school wearing that thing, you would have thought that I had traveled through time. Everyone was checking it out and before you knew it, they were all over the school. I guess that was the birth of me being not only a techy, but an early adopter to-boot.

Well, the new thing these days looks like a flash from the past to me. Smart watches seem to be taking over right now. I’m sure everyone has seen the commercials for the Galaxy Gear smart watch that syncs to the new Galaxy Note 3, but there are a ton of smart watches flooding the market right now.

The Pebble Smart Watch

The Pebble Smart Watch is a highly marketed smart watch and was actually financially backed while still in the concept phase. They are a favorite among users and its firmware can be upgraded to allow for future OS upgrades to the device. The downfall is that currently it does not have a very robust system or very many features.

Martian Smartwatch

This watch is by far the most elegant of all the Smartwatches. This is not a stand alone device and requires a sync to a user’s smartphone. It supports hands free voice commands and can even control the camera of your phone directly from the watch.

i’m Watch Smartwatch

This is by far the most modern looking watch of the Smartwatches.This too has firmware that can be upgraded which is a good thing. As of right now the device seems a little bare and could definitely use some more features, but the sleek and sturdy design make this watch supercool, looking.

Sony Smartwatch

This smartwatch is an Android only smartwatch but is one of the more polished models out there. It is the 2nd generation and they did quite a bit to make sure that it was a contender. I’m willing to be that if this watch offered support for iOS devices it would be a favorite amongst all users.

ConnecteDevice Cookoo Smartwatch

Very little funtionality, but it’s not trying to be something it’s not. Just a practical smartwatch that is more watch than smart. While the software feels like it’s almost in the beta stages, it has a really cool look.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

This device seems to be the benchmark by which all others will be measured. Very polished look as well as OS. Syncs with your Note 3 (which seems to be the big downfall, not compatible with other devices) and will allow for calls, emails, messaging, and will even help you locate your phone if it’s buried under a heap of paperwork. It also senses if you’ve walked away from your phone and locks it, then when you return unlocks the device with no password needed.



Consumers Counting The Seconds To The Announcement Of The Samsung Galaxy S 4

I know, I know. It hasn’t even been a year since the release of the Galaxy S3 and now Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S4, but the only people who will be griping about this are the people who locked up their upgrade by purchasing the S3 a few months back (put me in this category). I understand that technology sometimes seems to rollover onto itself sometimes, but that’s what we (early adopters) get for buying the latest device.

I am guilty of this in all areas of technology. Whether it be the newest laptop to hit the market like theLenovo Twist, or the newest gadget to sync my S3 and my HD TV, I jump in with both feet. I would love to get my hands on this new S4 (only chance of that is to coax the wife into trading me phones and giving me her upgrade = not likely). Now on to some things that are expected from the S4.

First, it’s rumored to have an eight core processor. While we may see that in UK models, I am willing to bet that the US devices get the 1.8GHZ quad-core. But the rumor mill is touting an eight-core, so I guess we will see.

Second, 5.0 1080×1920 resolution display. They are packing this larger display with more pixels which in turns means richer and fuller colors along with performance powered by the quad/eight core processor (depending on who you believe).

Lastly, the camera. The front facing is expected to be a 2.1 megapixel camera which is easily on par with the top devices on the market. But, the main camera will be an 13 megapixel monster that is even rumored to shoot in 3-d. This is probably the most anticipated feature besides an eight-core processor.

These are the main things that interest myself when looking for a new device. All the other amazing things like ‘eye scrolling’ and wireless charging are just a bonus to me.