Flickr Purging User Content Starting Today

Flickr logoStarting today (February 5th) the photo-sharing site Flickr will start deleting photos and videos from user accounts if they exceed 1,000 items and don’t pay for a “Pro” account (currently about $50 per year).

Flickr used to be owned by Yahoo but has more recently been acquired by SmugMug (a professional photo-sharing site). Under yahoo ownership, free accounts had access to 1TB of storage space for their photo and video data.

While there are a few exceptions to this 1,000 item limit, for most users of free accounts they won’t apply and anything beyond 1,000 items will be automatically purged.

While there are other cloud-based options like Google Drive etc it’s always a good idea to keep multiple backups of any important data (like your irreplaceable images!), both local and cloud-based. Contact us today to see how we can help back up your important data to be sure it’s safe!