Email Phishing Scam Looks Like It Is Sent From The BBB

The BBB is warning businesses about an email phishing scam. The phishing email claims to be from the BBB with official sounding subjects like “violating the Fair Labor Standards Act” and “Safety and Health Act.” They also will appear to notify the recipient that a complaint has been lodged against their business. Contained within the email is a clickable link that will download malware which will then steal the victim’s passwords and/or hack company data.

The reason these emails are so successful, is that the BBB does send emails to businesses in order to inform or notify.

If you receive an email from the BBB, stop and take the time to read it over. Check for any grammatical errors and if it has a local signature located at the bottom. If there is a question about the legitimacy of the email, call your local BBB.

If you have already received one of the phishing emails and clicked on a link, immediately change passwords and contact