The Google Nexus 7 Is Still The Best Android Tablet Yet [VIDEO REVIEW]

When Google released the Nexus 7 a year ago, the reviews were astounding. Before the release of the Nexus 7 there was really no “rhyme or reason” to the Android tablet market. While there were many different tablets running Android, there was no consistent user experience. Each tablet was filled with proprietary “bloatware” that eat battery life and rob the user of the true Android OS experience.

The price tag was another true selling point at $199 for a an 8BG version. This was the first true Android device that even got close to the 200 dollar mark. Since, they have released the 16 BG and still has a remarkable pricetag at $249.

The 2nd generation Nexus 7 promises to be even better. The price point should remain close the same at an estimated $229, but the hardware and software will be much improved. The new Nexus will be shipped with Android 4.3 which has lots of new features. The most anticipated is restricted control for different users. The new Nexus will also have a much improved HD screen with a super high resolution of 1920 x 1200. This is much higher than the iPad mini which has a much higher price tag. The Nexus will also have a 1.5 GHZ Snapdragon processor and 2 GB of RAM.

The design will be a bit thinner, less wide and same length. It will have less of a rounded corner feel which should streamline the profile and will have users smiling. Still the standard MicroUSB port and no expandable storage, but with cloud storage cheap and readily available, this shouldn’t be an issue. Also with the new Chromecast device released by Google, streaming directly from the Nexus 7 should be a dream.

New processor, gaming, videos, and other processor intense apps will run flawlessly. The user should experience no lag or choppy video when doing anything on the device and that includes multi-tasking. This new Nexus is set to stun ‘techies’ yet again.

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Cheaper iPad Mini Expected To Hit Soon

There is always the one main gripe when it comes to iOS anything, the price. Granted, there are people who are die hard windows, linux, and android users who would never in a million years purchase an iOS device, but these are not the people I’m talking about.

The people I’m referring to are the ones who would love to purchase a new Macbook Pro, but can’t afford the $1500 price tag, so the settle for a fast Windows machine for half the money. The people who would love an iPad but aren’t willing to shell out $600 when they can get an Android tablet for $400 that does just as much and in many cases more.

Well, for those people, you might just be in luck. Looks like Apple is going to release a new iPad Mini that takes the price down to the same level as the Google Nexus 7. You read that right. Would you buy an iPad Mini if it were on sale for $250, or would you go with the Google Nexus? I know from experience that the Nexus is a smoking tablet that anyone can fall in love with, but I’m an Android user. This might just increase Apples iPad sales and right before the end of the year as well, which will look good to investors.

I wonder if this is a move to increase stock prices in the company, or increase sales, or both. But, whatever reason there is behind it, I can see a lot of people snatching these up over the Summer.

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Android 4.2.2: A Tastier Jelly Bean

It’s a cold snowy day in West Texas and I’m waiting. Its been unusually busy and I have accomplished a lot so far (like my first corporate multi-site Google Hangout meeting) but I haven’t accomplished what I wanted – to upgrade my Nexus 7 to the latest and greatest version.

Early this morning Android 4.2.2 started to roll out to Nexus devices and should start to be pushed out by carriers in the near future. As for me, I keep waiting and checking between blog posts, phone calls and knocking things off the task list.

What does the update contain? Google states it “improves performance and stability.” – I’m looking for a few bug fixes – in particular a Bluetooth bug fix and the strange behavior when waking my device in portrait mode.

I’m waiting patiently. Not really.

Google Nexus 7 Makes CNET’s List Of Top 5 Android Tablets – We Want To Give You One

Android is definitely making more than just a footprint in the tablet world. A community that was once owned almost solely by iOS is now seeing that marketshare invaded by Android’s new Jelly Bean OS experience. And, we understand why.

If you have been partial to android from the beginning, the updates can sometimes seem subtle, but for those who are making the switch from iOS to Android (which seems to be happening in larger numbers these days) the difference is night and day. With all the different Android powered devices being released, it can be tough to decide which is for you.

If you’re looking for something in the midsized range (not a full size tablet), there are a few choices out there. There is the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Galaxy 7, and of course there’s the iPad Mini. We know there are many more than this, but these are the big competitors.

For this post we are focusing on the Google Nexus 7 Android Jellybean tablet.

Google partnered with Asus to create this truly powerful yet comfortable device. The Nexus 7 is noticeably lighter than the Kindle Fire even though it’s the same thickness. It doesn’t carry all the ports (which google offers cloud service which rocks IMO) or rear facing camera which has seemed to make it a first choice for the tablet layman.

Android Jellybean has really knocked it out of the park with this OS. The newest release also installs the Android Butter UI which is one of those items that fit the “You Don’t Know What Your Missing Till You Have It” cliche. Jellybean is great on its own, but the new UI gives everything a quicker, smoother, and more responsive feel.

Google’s native keyboard and swype features have now reached true intuitivity. The keyboard rarely misses while using swype and the auto-predict feature nails it almost everytime.

The 1200 x 800 resolution provides great and vivid images, videos, and gaming. The resolution is noticeably better than 1st and 2nd gen android tablets that were released previously.

The quad-core processor is nothing less than ‘Smoking fast’. There isn’t much this processor can’t handle. From videos, multi-tasking, and high end games that are known to be processor hogs, this tablet runs seamlessly.

In all, this tablet is one hot tablet and voted the #1 of the small tablets on the market.

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