Let cat-man-du Get Your Home Wireless Network & Printing Set Up For Thanksgiving & Christmas Guests

It’s getting close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday here in the Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas area and that can mean only one thing. You’re going to be having visitors and they’ll be toting all of their electronic devices. Whether it just be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, they will be needing a way to get online.

While you have your family and guests in town, it’s good to keep in mind that they probably have a whole slew of devices that they will be bringing that require internet access. Rather than give them access to your whole network, why not have cat-man-du come and set up your wireless network with guest access.

This will allow you to make sure that everyone has internet access. We can also set you up with wireless printing to share all the holiday fun right from their tablets, phones, and laptops.

In many cases we can also set up restricted access with a password which will make sure that no-one is visiting inappropriate sites which can actually release malicious viruses and malware onto your network.

So, here’s what we are offering you. A cat-man-du tech will come to your house, configure your home wireless network, guest access to that network, wireless printing, and even secure the wireless so it cannot visit sites that are inappropriate (This assuming that your existing router has this functionality, if not we are happy to upgrade your router to one that does, see below). We’ll do all this for a simple one-rate price.

Holiday Package One – $100.00

cat-man-du tech configure your home wireless network for guest access

Tech configures wireless printing

Configure router to block inappropriate websites (current router must have this functionality)

Holiday Package Two – $249.99 (Router Purchase Included)

Netgear N750 Wireless Router (Supports multiple streaming devices & blocking inappropriate web surfing)

Configure router to block inappropriate websites

Configure wireless with guest access

Configure wireless printing (for networks that support this functionality)


If you are interested in one of our Holiday Bundles, please contact us at 806-350-8324.