The Revolutionized Smoke Alarm and Thermostat: Nest

The Nest  Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke alarms have been a major pain since the dawn of time.  You constantly worry if the batteries are still good or if that ear piercing beep will go off while cooking a special dinner, but do not fear NEST is here! The new NEST thermostat and fire alarm is the next household item that is a must have.  Not only does it come in a sleek stylish design, but the functionality of the device is what makes it so desirable.

In a moments eye, disaster could strike without warning.  NEST will send you notifications by voice and a light flash if it detects that CO levels are abnormal.  Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that can fill your house and affect your family  within seconds.  With this becoming a major issue, States are now making CO detectors mandatory.  Another great thing is that the display shows you what state your alarm is in and is also available on your smartphone.   

The Nest Thermostat

Most of you leave the house and forget to change or reset the thermostat without a thought.  Programming a thermostat is a pain, but the new NEST “remembers” what temperatures you prefer.  Just set the thermostat like you normally would and the nest will mimic your patterns and will create a personalized schedule based on your actions.  And if the weather decides to change or you come home early, you can change the temperature straight from your mobile device.

Did you know that your heating and cooling system takes up 50% of your energy bill? By auto-scheduling your thermostat it is possible to save up to 20% on your next energy bill.  Another great thing with nest is that it gives you  detail insight to how much energy your device is using that you can monitor off of any mobile device with the Energy History app.