Self Healing LG G Flex Making Waves In The Smartphone Arena [VIDEO]

LG has never really been a “stand out” in the smartphone arena. Granted, they have had some really decent phones, but nothing that makes them a really sought after builder, until now. The new LG G Flex phone is making huge waves in the smartphone world.

The G Flex has a quad-core processor and a curved face design. LG unveiled this after it was able to complete a curved battery. Most of the major carriers plan on offering the device. The curve of the device actually seemed to make usage of a device this size quite a bit easier. Not only that, but it makes viewing video on the device a real treat.

As for the self healing aspect, it’s pretty dang cool. Whether you accidentally keep you phone in your pocket with your keys, or are just rough on phones, it really helps keep those normal wear and tear scratches from ruining the look of your device. You can see in the video that it really works quite well, and while it won’t completely protect your device, it does a really good job.

What do you think? Will you be making a switch to the new LG G Flex? Check out the video below.