What To Do If Your Laptop Is Stolen (And How To Prepare For & Prevent It)

You’re sitting in your favorite coffee shop, working away on your laptop. You get up to go the restroom and, out of convenience, you decide to leave your laptop sitting at your table. There’s no way someone could steal it in the time you are away, right? Wrong. Laptop thieves are quick, stealthy, and rampant. You don’t want to come back to an empty table, your laptop long gone. The first step in preventing laptop prevention is to never leave your laptop unattended in public. In this blog, we will discuss a) how to prepare for possible laptop loss, b) how to prevent your laptop from being stolen and c) the steps to take if your laptop is stolen.

How to prepare for the day your laptop gets stolen

You never know when it might happen but it certainly won’t hurt if you are already prepared. First of all, password protect your laptop. Though some skilled hackers could bypass your password, many people won’t be able to. It’s your first line of defense in protecting your information. Also, don’t store a list of passwords in a word document on your website. It is best to keep them handwritten in a place no where near your laptop.

But a great password won’t stop a thief from removing your hard drive and putting it in another laptop. If they do this, they will be able to see everything. That is why you should encrypt your hard drive data. You can use a program like TrueCrypt to easily encrypt sensitive data.

Store the least amount possible on your laptop. Instead, save less-used documents and files to an external hard drive that is kept separate from your laptop, like at home. This way, if your laptop is stolen, loss will be greatly minimized.

Install a tracking application to your laptop. Here are few different tracking apps to choose from.

We can’t say it enough: backup your files regularly (daily is best) to an external drive or to a cloud backup service like Carbonite. Preparation for the day your laptop is stolen is all about minimizing loss and preventing thieves from accessing things they shouldn’t.

How to prevent your laptop from being stolen

It mainly takes common sense to prevent laptop theft. Use a cable lock when using your laptop in public. Most laptops come equipped with a small slot for one of these locks. All you have to do is loop the cable around an immovable object and you’re good to go. If you must store your laptop in your car, keep it out of plain sight. Always keep your laptop bag on your person or touching you when in public. There are plenty of cases of thieves stealing laptops that are sitting a couple of feet away from the owner. Most of all, be vigilant and don’t let it out of your site.

What to do when your laptop gets stolen

So it finally happened – your laptop was stolen. The first thing to do is to notify authorities (whether that’s the police or your employer). However, don’t expect them to pursue the case. Laptop theft is so common that police rarely locate a stolen device. Having a police report may help you if you want to claim the stolen laptop on your insurance.

Next, remotely log out of any account you can think of or change the passwords to sensitive accounts like PayPal, e-mail, and bank accounts. Call the companies of your sensitive accounts and see if they can monitor your account for suspicious activity. If you have completed the preparation steps above, you will be at less of a risk for identity theft.

Finally, you can try to get your laptop back. If you have installed a tracking program, you should be good to go. If not, you have other options. Your main goal is to obtain the IP address of the laptop. According to Trend Blog, you can do this using Facebook or Gmail.

In Facebook, go to settings, then security, then “where you’re logged in.” You will be able to a list of devices that are logged in to your account and when the session was last active. You can even see the city of the session. If you hover over the city name with your cursor, you will be given the IP address.

In Gmail, go to your inbox and click “details” under “last account activity” in the bottom right corner. You will be able to see the last ten sessions along with IP addresses.

Now that you have an IP address, what in the world do you do with it? Contact the police! With an IP address in hand, you’re much more likely to get a search warrant. The police will be able to find the exact physical location to the IP address and will able to handle it from there. Whatever you do, don’t go searching for the laptop yourself.

IDC & Gartner Report Lenovo As #1 PC Supplier In The World

IDC has reported that Lenovo has now reached 16.7% of the global PC market. They were at 14.9% one year ago. That is truly remarkable growth.

Here are some excerpts from a statement delivered by CEO and chairman of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing:

“We are proud that Lenovo has become the clear world leader in PCs, and we are grateful to our customers and to our global team for this success.   Even in the toughest PC market ever, Lenovo has not only gained share, but we have steadily improved profitability and introduced even more innovative products for every market segment.”

“The PC market is changing, but it still represents a $200b opportunity.  Lenovo can capture more of this opportunity than our competitors because we have built great balance over the last 4 years. 

“PC leadership is just one milestone in a longer journey to become a true leader in the “PC Plus” market, which includes tablets, smart phones, smart TVs and other “smart connected” devices.

– Click here for the full statement

In the fiscal year ending in March of 2013, Lenovo reached record market share for the global market and has reached a double digit market share in 39 countries. The company has also reached record profitability at 34%.

Lenovo has also accelerated its PC Plus direction. It just captured 5.9% of the “smart connected devices” (tablets, phones, etc.) and has a positive projection for the future. More than 10% of their current growth is accounted for by the sale of smartphones and tablets.

Click here for more Lenovo products and information.

Check out the new Lenovo Yoga Multi-Mode Ultrabook Video Below


Tips That Will Help Keep Your Computer Running Great

Many times clients come in with a laptop or desktop that is down or having issues and wonder what happened. Finding the root of the problem can sometimes be a difficult task. Sometimes it’s virus infection from an unsecure site, email, or download, or a dropped computer. Maybe the inside of the computer is coated in lint and filth. Below are some tips that you can do to keep your computer running and performing properly.

1. Ventilate your computer properly.

Many times our desktop computers are stuffed under our desks or pushed back into a cramped corner. Yeah, it’s great for keeping them out of site and out of the way, but it also makes it easy for them to get filthy and hot. Proper ventilation is crucial to having a computer that works, and continues to work.

2. Keep your computer clean.

Whether it’s blowing out your keyboard regularly, or cleaning your fan intake, dirty computers just don’t want to work as well as clean ones. Plain and simple. If you have ever gotten something stuck underneath your keyboard key, you know how big of a pain that can be. Keep a duster can handy and use it regularly.

3. Don’t visit un-trusted sites.

This should go without saying, but you would be surprised how many people come in with a virus that is unleashed while on the internet. A good practice is, If you have never heard of a company or service and you land on a site that offers downloads that you aren’t familiar with, leave that site. You never know what you’re downloading and what it might do to your computer.

4. Be careful when opening email.

If you receive an email that is from a person you don’t know. DON’T OPEN IT. Many people unknowingly infect their computers because they are curious what an email is about. Better safe than sorry. Also, if you receive an email from someone that you do know, but doesn’t seem like the type of email they normally send you, then be ware. Their email might have been hacked and you are receiving a piece of spam that might harm your computer.

These are just a few guidelines to keep in mind when your working on or protecting your computer. If you take care of your computer, it is sure to be reliable, quick and secure.


The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Is Here + It’s Awesome [VIDEO]

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist has made a huge splash in the TouchScreen Convertible laptop genre of new technology. This new laptop is a mean machine too. For those out there who are interested in the new convertible touch screen laptops, this meets or exceeds expectations.


I’ve had the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with convertibles from other manufacturers and none match the quality of the way the Lenovo looks and feels. This Ultrabook comes with an, i5 processor, 4GB RAM and a 500GB drive.


Whether you are browsing online, sharing your display with co-workers, or even making a presentation, the Twist has got you covered.


  • Laptop Mode allows you to utilize this computer just like you would your normal laptop. Running Windows 8 it will run all of your normal desktop applications with the greatest of ease.
  • Stand Mode allows you to browse and watch your favorite movies, listen to your music, and the TouchScreen allows for the total Windows 8 experience. It’s your full multi-media entertainment system.
  • Tent Mode makes it simple to perform tasks like playing touch screen games to displaying a PowerPoint slideshow to a group of prospective clients.
  • Tablet Mode turns this laptop into a full functioning responsive TouchScreen tablet. The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is all brought to you by Windows 8, the breakthrough operating system that has everyone talking.


Here’s the good news. If you want to walk in and pick yours up today, you’re in luck – cat-man-du has these right here in-stock at your local location and available for sale online or by phone. Here’s the full specs of the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist that we carry below and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to call your local computer “guru”.


Lenovo Notebook 3472HU
ThinkPad Twist S230U12.5inch

Core i5 3317U 4GB
500GB/7200 24GB SATA
Window8 64


ThinkPad S230u, 12.5″ W HD (1366 x 768) LED Backlight, Gorilla Glass, Low-light sensitive HD Webcam (w/oWWAN), Mocha Black, Twist, Intel HM 77, Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel Core i5 3317U processor, Y-Cam HD 720p, N-FPR MB, 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm, 4-1 Multi-Card Reader, 4GB Memory, 24 GB Micro Solid State Drive, Serial ATA3 with ExpressCache, ThinkPad a/b/g/n Wireless BT Combo (2×2 ABGN BlueTooth 4.0), Battery (LiPolymer 42.4Wh), Edge S230u, Windows 8 Pro 64 English

Lenovo Notebook 3472HU – ThinkPad Twist S230U12.5inch


Desktop VS Laptop – Which Best Suits You

In the ever changing world of computers and technology, the next new device or computer is always just around the corner. Whether it be the new all-in-one touch screen desktop or the brand new laptop/tablet convertible, you have a choice to make.

Finding which style suits you best is probably the hardest part. On one hand the laptop is versitile and you can take it with you anywhere, but the desktop has the huge monitor and is constantly hooked to your home network. Now you’re standing in the store staring at the two weighing options and trying to figure out which is going home with you.

Well, maybe this post can be of a little assistance in the process. Take into consideration first, for what do you use your computer? Are you a business professional and in need of a portable workspace, or are you the casual internet browser who likes to catch up on TV and movies. Keep in mind that the average person keeps the same computer for an average of 4 – 7 years after purchase. Make sure you get what you need.

Here is a list of reasons you might want to purchase a laptop:

  1. You are a business professional.
  2. You don’t know when and where you might get tasked with building a spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation for your boss or client.
  3. You take your work with you when meeting clients and business prospects.
  4. You spend very little time at home.
  5. You spend much of your time on the road or traveling.
  6. You don’t have space for a workstation.

Here is a list of reasons you might want to purchase a desktop:

  1. You have a home workstation.
  2. You share the computer with family.
  3. You need a large monitor for graphic design, movie production, animation etc.
  4. You have a list of periferrals you use frequently that are not easily portable.
  5. You are a intense ‘Gamer’

There are more reasons to consider and each person has their own criteria for which machine they are going to unbox, but these are just some things that I recommend people think about when making a computer purchase. It’s an important purchase and making sure you have something that fits who you are and your needs will ensure a better ‘friendship’ between you and your computer.