Over a Half-Million Lost Due to Anonabox Failed Kickstarter Campaign

Over a Half-Million Lost Due to Anonabox Failed Kickstarter Campaign

Anonabox was a Kickstarter campaign to create a an open-source router that passes all information sent on the internet through Tor.  But was soon banned after users claimed that the “custom” made parts and security for Anonabox were made by another company.  

August Germar initial asking fund was only $7,500, but money came flowing in and the total ended in just over $500,00.  The $45 price tag was too good to be true for the portable device.  Funds began to diminish after Redditors posted evidence of the misleading information Germar provided.   Users accused Germar of using a pre-made stock-board made by a Chinese company.Germar made the mistake of doing an “AMA” on Reddit where users asked about the manufacturing of the device. This was his reply:

“ Nice! Yes honestly that does look like the same circuit board. I can’t help but wonder if the factory that we sourced is going to try to sell them too. It seems pretty common in the electronics industry and that’s fine. I’ve never seen that photo before now, but if that is the case good for them! We have not invented anything and there are no patents on anything.”

Image Via Reddit User cstyves

Wired soon made a follow-up call with Germar in which he finally admitted that the Chinese company Gainstrong created the stock-board that the router was made out of. The site also reported a security flaw found in the device if not properly set up.  Anonabox comes without a protected wireless password, meaning that a hacker is able get into the network with the right password (which coincidentally happens to be “developer!”).  Access to to the router allows hackers to steal information and disable Tor in order to track location. Germar claims that miscommunication has led to the recent outrage.  He admits that he should have included warnings with the device and properly explained where the parts were manufactured.  

There are devices available on the market that aids in distinguishing a user’s address.The CMD Network Security not only gives users control over what information is received over the network but also contains great programs that can block entire countries from accessing your IP address.