World’s Largest Contract Chipmaker Recovering After Ransomware Attack

World’s Largest Contract Chipmaker Recovering After Ransomware Attack

Apple iPhone TSMC chipmakerTaiwan tech firm and Apple chipmaker, TSMC, said it was recovering from a ransomware attack over the weekend. Apparently one machine was online when it shouldn’t have been and this lead to the infection of more than 10,000 of their manufacturing machines in multiple factories. The ransomware was a variant of WannaCry which is a type of ransomware cryptoworm used by bad guys to encrypt computer data and hold it for ransom. TSMC says they are now back in full production again.

Always make sure you have a good antivirus program installed and up to date! Just as important, make sure you have a good, solid back up of any data that’s important to you!

Source: Reuters

Apple OS 7 To Release September 18th [VIDEO]

September 18th is the set release date for Apple’s new iOS 7. Apple is very excited about the release of the new OS calling it the “Biggest overhaul to the Apple iOS since the release of the iPhone”. iOS 7 will be available for download on the iPhone 4 and later, iPad Mini and 5th Gen iPad, and the iPod 2 and later.

There will be new fonts, icons, neon color palette and even gesture controls (some are crying out that this is catch-up to Android’s Keylime Pie). The new iOS is an overhaul not only in how it looks, but how it functions as well.

It can learn where and when you commute to keep you posted on traffic details.

“It has a new structure, applied across the whole system, that brings clarity to the entire experience,” Apple wrote on its iOS 7 webpage. “The interface is purposely unobtrusive. Conspicuous ornamentation has been stripped away. Unnecessary bars and buttons have been removed. And in taking away design elements that don’t add value, suddenly there’s greater focus on what matters most: your content.”

Among its new features is the Control Panel which allows you access to your most used apps at the swipe of a finger. It comes with Air-Drop for highspeed shareing with other iOS devices along with a refresh to Safari and the Multi-Task interface.


Best Business Apps For Android And iPhone

Whether you own an iPhone or Android device, you have access to an online app store where you can get games and apps. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that are available for both platforms. A huge percentage of those apps you will never even download to you phone. Finding useful business apps for the professional ‘on-the-go’ can be difficult as you try to weed through all of the games and clutter that has made it’s way onto the platform.

Here are a few apps that you will definitely want to download for you device. Browse over these and let us know in the comments below which of your favorite apps that we overlooked.

1. Documents To Go

Documents To Go allows you to read, edit, and even create business documents in the most popular formats. You can edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more. Granted you will probably not use the app to build your documents from scratch, it makes it nice to be able to make tweaks and corrections to your documents without having to launch your computer. With some formats you can even use your phone as a Powerpoint remote with your notes and everything right there on your phone.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a must have for anyone who has to transfer larger documents. You can now share heavy documents and folders with your desktop, laptop, mobile device, and even grant access to other users. If you have a large file that you cannot email to a client or even yourself, upload it to dropbox and it is readily available no matter what device you are using.

3. Hopstop

For the traveler, Hopstop is a must. This app will let you know whether your best travel option is walking, taxi, train, or bus. You can even narrow things down by “fewest transfers” and many other filters.

4. Google Translate

If you are traveling to a country where you have never been before, Google Translate can be a super useful app. Imagine being stuck in a part of town with no way to converse with people in a different country. How do you find your hotel or get to your business meeting. Google Translate will take what you are saying (or what’s being said to you) and translate it to ensure that you are on the “same page” as the person you are talking to. It is suprpisingly accurate as well.

5. ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards will alleviate the problem of having a pocket full of business cards that end up getting lost before you can file them in your contacts. It’s simple. Just scan the business card using your camera. You can even sync the cards back to your PC.

Apple Increases Market Share With iOS, But Android Still Most Popular Device In US

Apple gains a little ground on Android over the past few months. Android currently holds 52 percent of the market in mobile devices and iOS is now at just under 42 percent. It looks like Apple has T-Mobile to thank for much of that uptick as they started selling the iPhone.

“The highly anticipated release of the iPhone on T-Mobile has benefited iOS in the latest three-month period, though it has not yet impacted T-Mobile’s share in the market,” Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director for Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, said in a statement.

The iPhone 5 was T-Mobile’s biggest seller for 3 months straight and they were able to lure in many first time smartphone buyers. Kudos to the marketing team over at T-Mobile.

Windows mobile phones are bringing up the rear, and it’s not even close. They now hold 4.6 of the total smartphone market share. They will need to really amp things up if they want to compete with Apple and Android.