Apple’s Big iOS 8 Event With iWatch and iPhone 6 Preview

Apple’s Big iOS 8 Event

Developers from around the globe, from 69 countries to be exact, gathered for Apple’s iOS 8 event.  Tim Cook kicked off the event with re-releasing the specs on the operating systems Yosemite X and iOS 8.  Apple threw punches at Android and even joked about the newest employee, Dr.  Dre.


Photo Via Apple Live Stream

Notifications– The original started with an aqua interface, but has been updated with a new translucent app app and notification bar.  The typography has to upgraded to be more precise.  And for those of you who like to play in the dark a new “dark mode” has been added that adjusts the screen for optimal visuals.

iCloud Drive– iCloud will make photos and documents availble across all platforms.  iCloud will also be available to Windows users.

Mail Drive-With the new mail drive users can now send email attachments up to 5gb in size, which was impossible before. Large files are encrypted to prevent “bouncing” off of the mail server.

Markup– Users can now draw in signatures or doodle on email attachments without corrupting the original file.  Notes and text bubbles can also be added to the documents.

Photo Via Apple Live Stream

Safari-The power of UI into one single bar.  The new spotlight toolbar will provide and content found in the system.  Users can subscribe and share  RSS feeds right from the side bar. Apple was the  first to introduce private browsing and has taken it a step farther. Now

Search Bar-In the new search bar (spotlight) information will pull up from several sites, translucently for the search bar to,updated calendars for more details, it’ll bring up anything with the keywords, news from varies sources and maps,

Hand off– Hand off is a new feature that allows users to continue working on documents across any device.  With a simple swipe up across the screen the information will be synced onto a new device.

Messaging-Before users with different a OS messages would not show up on iMessage.  Now iMessage can receive both phone calls and messages from any OS.  Users can dial phone numbers straight from their Mac product.  Tim Cook even joked about giving the new employee a phone call, and believe it or not , but Dr. Dre picked up.

Family Sharing– Parents can now find the location of the childs device.  A new sharing option will bring notifications to all members of the family.  A new in-app purchase feature has been added since the recent problems companies having been having with unauthorized app purchases.  Before an app can be purchase a parent or guardian must first approve of it.  Phones connected to the same credit card can be shared with up to six family members.  In the future, Apple will allow users to bundle apps to receive discounts.

iOS 8 Devices Available September 17

Over 800 million Apple products have been sold, so far.  In this past year, over 130 million people converted from Android to Apple.  According to Tim Cook, 97% of iPhone users software is up to date, compared to Android’s 9%. iOS 8 was first announced at WWDC 2014.

Notifications–  The notification feature received some time savvy updates.  Users can now view and respond to notifications from the lock screen or an app without having to close it first. Developers will soon have the opportunity to make 3rd party widgets.

Messages– Users can now name group chats and even add or remove people from the thread.  A new “do not disturb” option puts those pesky alerts to rest. Friends can share their location and even set the duration. Messages with attachments will be viewed live in the messaging thread without having to download the attachment separately.  A new audio and video feature has been added to messaging system.  Simply hold down the speaker button and a new side bar will pop up the new options.  One neat trick that Jaws demonstrated is the way an audio message can be listened to.  Audio messages can listened to from lock screen by holding the phone up to your ear like you would a phone call.

Photo via Apple Live Stream

Keyboard-The updated keyboard will now have access to new characters and dictation.  Content is sensitive and “learns” typing behaviors to best suggest words according to who your talking to.  

The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For

The iWatch and iPhone 6 has been announced.

Photo Via CNET YouTube.

The new iWatch will come in two different screen sizes to fit all wrist sizes.  An integrated microphone allows users to make and receive phone calls.  Users can respond to messages from a list of preset dictations.  The sensor on the back of the watch will release a small pulse to alert the user when a notification has been received.  For a more personal touch, users can record their heartbeat and send it to a loved one.  Like most of the smart watches on the market the iWatch will record health analytics and goals.  Apple is working on bringing 3rd party apps available to the new wearable. An assortment of bands and watch cases will be available along with designer styles coming later. The new wearables will be available early 2015.

Photo Via Apple Live Stream

The new iPhone 6 will come in two model, the 4.7 inch and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus.  Not only is the screen larger and the phone slimmer, but the new phone will come with the new iOS 8 update features.  The multi-touch screens received an HD retina upgrade along with new security features for Touchid.  Apple has been the front runner in picture quality and remains so with the 1080p HD camera.

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