Sony Keynotes From IFA 2014 In Berlin

IFA 2014

Tech companies from all around the globe join together this year for IFA 2014.  IFA is a trade show that allows companies to display all of the upcoming consumer products and home appliances.

To start the day off, Sony started with the new flagship  4K TV.  The new Sony TV will have a curved 4k ultra HD tri-luminous display for minimal distortion. A Tri-luminous display means that there are individual pixels that adjust unlike LCD TVs.  The updated Sony HD 4K processing system brings vibrant hues and details to pictures or videos.  A multi-angle surround sound system will be embedded within the TV to bring better sound quality.

Next up was the new camera line.

The Sony QX1 and QX30 contains the same processor as the Alpha series, which means you can switch the smartphone camera lenses in and out.  The lenses will connect to the Sony Xperia smartphone series and uses the phone screen display for better picture quality.  Files can be transferred via Wi-Fi and NFC. A Sony rep even mentioned a PlayMemory 5.0 update.  The PlayMemory will include grid line display and GPS location data.  

An Old Friend Is Brought To Life

Unveiled at IFA, the Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman will be the first to include Hi-resolution audio playback features.  The new player will include 2.2”inch screen, 64GB of internal memory, along with NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities.  Sony also gave a sneak preview of the upcoming accessories that  will be released, but did not go into detail.

The company also discussed the artists, such as Miley Cyrus and John Legend, who will be working with Sony to create albums.

New Smartwear.

Smartband talk- Is a life logger with a 3 day battery life.  The band can answer and make calls straight from the wrist.  

Smartwatch 3 is specifically designed for the android updates with google to create a unique platform.  The watch will connect to bluetooth headsets, and is GPS enabled in case you get lost.  Unlike most watches, phones can be left at home to play music without any connection problems.  The watch charges through a usb and will have a 2 day battery life.  Oh, and did I mention it’s WATERPROOF?!

Sony also gave a teaser that the company will be working with other brands like Roxy to bring add a little “style” to the smartwear line.

A New Line of Smartphones.

The New Xperia Z3 ultra thin bezel smartphones will come in a choice of three colors black, silver grey, and copper.  The phone contains a 27 mpg camera along with a 25mm wide angle lens, which is “The world’s best technology in a smartphone” according to a Sony rep. The battery life will last up to two days and of course it is all waterproof!  So those underwater shots are now possible.  The phones will be released in the U.S. later this August.

Sony even mentioned a new way to play video games.  With the new Xperia phones, players are able to disconnect from the console and play video games anywhere via Wi-Fi.

Sony also previewed a few new projects that are in the works.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much information other than pictures released.

If you missed IFA 2014 Live, You can watch the stream here.

Photos via IFA2014 Live Stream.