Xbox One X – Powerful, Small, Priced Right But Still Controversial

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Xbox One X since Microsoft announced it last week at E3. There have been several tech article written since and, of course, multiple different opinions. Some articles called it “boring” some said “over priced” and still others were too slanted toward its greatness. We thought we would write a simple post and keep things in the factual realm and let the reader decide if they want to spend five bills this holiday season or not.

According to Microsoft, the newest console in the Xbox One line will feature 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, 4K gaming, and claims to be compatible with Xbox One games and accessories. It comes with 8 GB of flash memory and 12 GB GDDR5 graphic memory at
326 GB/s, 1 TB of storage, a 6 Teraflop GPU, and 4K Resolution. The console also sports advanced liquid cooling and is supposed to be incredibly quiet. Microsoft is touting it as “The World’s Most Powerful Console.”

When you read the specs and watch the trailer it’s quite an exciting offering and no doubt will fly off the shelves in November.
So how does it compare to other gaming options?

The PS4 Pro doesn’t come close in the 4K arms race with an octocore AMD Jaguar processor running at 2.1GHz, a GPU at 4.20 Teraflops, and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

What about simply building a custom gaming PC? This is absolutely an option and can be built to blow away the specs on both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X. However, at the $499 price tag for the One X, a custom PC can’t come close in a price fight.

We build custom gaming PCs all the time and even at our dealer discounts, we wouldn’t be able to build one for ourselves for less than $1,000.

One final thought/opinion, Microsoft has a history of delivering raw power with fewer game choices. So when comparing consoles this can make a huge difference because fewer games on a powerful console may not be the experience a gamer wants this holiday.

Happy gaming.