Hulu Not Happy About The New Google Chromecast

The buzz in the tech community over the new streaming dongle released by Google called Chromecasthas many tech users super excited. Hulu is not part of that majority. Hulu has stated that is has a HUGE problem with the new Chromecast device because it allows people to stream the FREE Hulu service from their browser.

Hulu is currently working with google to integrate its own app into the Chromecast which will allow people to stream from the Hulu Plus app. This service is available for $8.00 a month. The issue that Hulu is having with the Chromecast browsing mirroring is that much of the content that is available through the Hulu Plus app, is available for free in the browser interface. You can see where this might ruffle some feathers over at Hulu.

A manager in Google’s developer relations group stated that the best way to ensure that people aren’t streaming content they don’t want viewed on TV screens by Chromecast users is to stop distributing that content to the Chrome browser, not that he is suggesting that they do that as many browser users would definitely be disappointed by that.

The big question remains. What is the difference between streaming this content wirelessly from a device (which is trying to be road-blocked) and simply plugging you computer/tablet directly into your television via HDMI and watching this content? Nothing.