Google’s Driverless Car

Photo via Youtube.


Imagine driving a car without the constant worry of watching other drivers or your speed limit. On average 33,000 Americans die from auto accidents each year, which is something that Google believes can trim that number by using sensor technology that reacts to movement faster than humans.


On May 27, Google announced that it plans to release 100 autonomous vehicles that will begin testing this summer. The new Google smart car will travel at a top speed of 25 mph and will contain not a steering wheel, gas pedal, or a brake pedal. The thought of having zero control over your car may make some of you uneasy, but don’t worry Google has been testing driverless technology for years with Toyotas, Lexuses and other cars with cameras and sensors. The car may not look as luxurious as a Lexus, but the round frame serves a purpose. The car has virtually no blind spots thanks to sensors that monitors the entire car.Google said that the car can detect objects up to 200 yards in all directions and will adjust the speed accordingly along with making turns. Google didn’t specify how the car navigates exactly, but that the user would simply type in a destination on the dashboard screen and let the car do its work. The new smart car isn’t available on the market just yet, but Google is working hard to produce a car that will appeal to all consumers.