Lithium Ion Laptop Batteries Reported To Cause Housefires [VIDEO]

I recently had a client bring in her laptop several times. The first time she brought it in, we repaired the errors and she was on her way. When she got home a few hours later it didn’t seem to be working. Every time she would bring it in, it was working fine. After the 3rd time, I asked her where exactly she was keeping her computer and she replied “it usually stays on my bed”. That would be an issue that most people don’t consider. It is very dangerous to keep your laptop on a surface where it cannot breath. Not only can it over heat, it can be a serious fire hazard. It is recommend everyone keep their laptops on flat surfaces.

Over the past few years there have been more and more stories about house fires because of a laptop. The reason for the fires? Laptops being on soft surfaces and left on. Many computer manufacturers have been recalling lithium ion laptop batteries because they are highly dangerous, and can overheat bursting spontaneously into flames. Laptops should never be used or left on soft surfaces, whether it be on the carpet, couch, bed,on a paper filled desk,or dusty/dirty surfaces.

There are several ways you can avoid a fire caused by a laptop. Keep your computer away from combustible surfaces, make sure the power cord is not damaged, and also make sure your laptops vent is clean and clear of dust and lint. You can always spray air through your laptop to keep the vents clean. Another suggestion would be to run your laptop on AC with the battery removed and only use the battery when you are on the go. If a fire does occur, a good thing to remember is never use water, use a dry chemical like a fire extinguisher instead.

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