5 Affordable Tech Gifts That Will Make You A Hit This Christmas

For those of you who have a “techie” on their shopping list, Christmas shopping can be a nightmare. You never know if you’re getting the right version, model, or if they already have one. Tech lovers are known for going out and buying their “own presents’ before anyone even starts shopping.

Well, below we have a list of things that you can get for any “techie” that they will love, and that won’t empty your bank account. Whether they have already gone and purchased one, that you’ll just have to risk.

Logitech Washable Keyboard


This keyboard can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. I don’t know if you’ve ever spilled anything in your keyboard, but that normally means you can kiss that sucker goodbye (unless your using a Lenovo as they have specially designed keyboards to protect from spills). This keyboard is designed to actually be submerged in water. You can literally wash this thing. It has responsive keys and even one-touch features.

Photo Via – Amazon

Pop Phones


The Pop Phone is a great novelty device and actually works very well. I have one sitting in my office right now. If you have ever been sitting at your computer and get a phone call, you might as well turn off your laptop if your talking on a smartphone. There is no way that you can effectively hold a smartphone with your shoulder. Now, with the Pop Phone, you can be transported back to the day of the “old school” handset. It fits comfortably on your shoulder and even has a button for receiving phone calls.

Photo Via – Neiman Marcus

Star Wars Heroes & Villans Pancake Molds


Every family has one of them. The Star Wars fanatic. And if you don’t, then you should! I mean, Star Wars is awesome right? At least the original three episodes, but I digress. What Star Wars fan wouldn’t love waking up to some Yoda or Storm Troopers covered in syrup. You could even burn them and say they are from “The Dark Side”.

Photo Via – Star Wars.com

The Google Chromecast


Do you have a HD TV, that is just a tad bit older? What about if you were wanting to mirror your laptop screen on your TV. Well, let the Google Chromecast turn your dumb TV into a Smart TV, or cast your Chrome tab (and desktop) from your laptop browser. I own one of these and I can honestly say that I love it. It also receives updates directly from Google, so you can expect to see more improvements and apps added to the list.

Photo Via – Amazon

180s TEC Fleece Headphones


It’s Christmas time and it’s cold outside! What would be nicer than getting to listen to your favorite Pink Floyd album while keeping your ears nice and toasty. These things are super cool looking and the reviews are actually really good. So, surprise your tech lover with some Fleece headphones this year.

Photo Via – PC Magazine


Buying Christmas Gifts From Local Amarillo Businesses – 3 Tech Items That Will Be A Hit

Christmas is just around the corner and we know the shopping season is about to swing into full effect. If you’re looking for something different than the big box store experience, then cat-man-du is your place to buy your Christmas tech items. First and most importantly, cat-man-du is a local Amarillo (Canyon, and Dumas) business. The money that is spent in our stores stays in our community. Second, we pride ourselves on customer service and making sure that when you leave our store that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We are not just a retail seller, we are a company that wants to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

cat-man-du is Amarillo’s most awarded technology company. Our goal is to make sure that when you leave our business that you not only have the items that you need for business, home, or personal use, but that you know and understand the product. We are not like the big “box stores”. We are not trying to shuffle people through just to make a sale. Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas have been doing business with cat-man-du for more than a decade and the reason is simple. We offer fair pricing, only the best products and service, and customer service that you cannot receive anywhere else in the city.

Everyone’s Christmas wishlist is different. Tech items are super hot during the holidays and we carry only the best. Below you’ll see three items that will make you the hit of Christmas morning!

Google Nexus 2nd Generation Android Tablet 32GB – $269.99

If you have a techie on your list then you will be needing one of these under your tree. The Google Nexus 7 is the #1 tablet in the country. It has a beautiful HD display and of course comes with the Google Play Store where they can download their favorite apps and games. Not only can you play games, but you can watch movies on Netflix, as well as buy or rent them right from the ‘Movie Section’ of the Play Store.

You can also sync your work and personal email directly to the device as well as your calendar. I have one of the original tablets and it’s the best tablet I have ever owned.

Click here for pricing and to order

Lenovo ThinkPad E535 – $649.99

Lenovo has now become the #1 computer company in the world and it’s no wonder why. They make reliable computers with sleek design. The ThinkPad branding has been part of the tech world since the very beginning. The ThinkPad E535 has everything the your ‘techie’ could possibly need. The 2.5 GHZ AMD processor is fast enough to handle anyone’s toughest tasks. 320 GB hard drive and writable DVD burner built in. This thing comes with plenty of RAM to handle both personal and business tasks.

USB 3.0 Superspeed will make transfering data to this new computer a breeze as well, but remember, we can always handle that for you for a small fee.

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Lenovo All-In-One Ideacentre – $899.99

This All-In-One computer has super cool design. It has touchscreen interface and Windows 8.0. You can do anything from office work, design, and even high end gaming. Watching movies on this crisp monitor is a dream. 23″ monitor with 6 GB of RAM and 1TB of storage make this All-In-One everything a user could ask for. To top it off it’s sporting a fast i3 processor.

This makes the perfect gift because it is literally plug and play. Take it out of the box and fire it up. It’s that simple. No more mess of wires coming from the back of your machine. Just a clean desk and superfast computer to boot. This machine is definitely centered around entertainment, but can handle any of your computer needs.

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Let cat-man-du Get Your Home Wireless Network & Printing Set Up For Thanksgiving & Christmas Guests

It’s getting close to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday here in the Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas area and that can mean only one thing. You’re going to be having visitors and they’ll be toting all of their electronic devices. Whether it just be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, they will be needing a way to get online.

While you have your family and guests in town, it’s good to keep in mind that they probably have a whole slew of devices that they will be bringing that require internet access. Rather than give them access to your whole network, why not have cat-man-du come and set up your wireless network with guest access.

This will allow you to make sure that everyone has internet access. We can also set you up with wireless printing to share all the holiday fun right from their tablets, phones, and laptops.

In many cases we can also set up restricted access with a password which will make sure that no-one is visiting inappropriate sites which can actually release malicious viruses and malware onto your network.

So, here’s what we are offering you. A cat-man-du tech will come to your house, configure your home wireless network, guest access to that network, wireless printing, and even secure the wireless so it cannot visit sites that are inappropriate (This assuming that your existing router has this functionality, if not we are happy to upgrade your router to one that does, see below). We’ll do all this for a simple one-rate price.

Holiday Package One – $100.00

cat-man-du tech configure your home wireless network for guest access

Tech configures wireless printing

Configure router to block inappropriate websites (current router must have this functionality)

Holiday Package Two – $249.99 (Router Purchase Included)

Netgear N750 Wireless Router (Supports multiple streaming devices & blocking inappropriate web surfing)

Configure router to block inappropriate websites

Configure wireless with guest access

Configure wireless printing (for networks that support this functionality)


If you are interested in one of our Holiday Bundles, please contact us at 806-350-8324.