Coffee Matters

What do a boutique coffee roastery and a computer company have in common?

Meticulousness. Excellence. Commitment. Ethics.

cat-man-du is proud to carry Evocation Coffee, a local company who agrees with the cat-man-du philosophy that “everything matters.”

Evocation Coffee Roasters is a micro roastery & espresso bar located in Amarillo, TX. It is the work of husband and wife duo Roman and Amy Leal, who have dedicated their lives to the science of perfectly crafted coffee. The roastery began in 2009 and has since developed a loyal following of both everyday coffee lovers and small to large businesses and organizations.

Walking into Evocation is an experience in itself. At first glance, you’ll notice something different in the no-frills, modern interior and in the sleek machines used by the coffee roasters. This place is unlike other coffee shops. The culture shock you may experience is quickly put to rest by Roman, who greets you like a long time customer. Then, Roman will proceed to tell you about the coffee he is serving that day with passion and wisdom. He will spout off facts about the “tasting notes” (sometimes as strange as bubblegum, popcorn, or butterscotch) or where in the world the coffee was grown, or about the people who grew the coffee.

Then, your coffee will be brewed and no, it won’t come out of a huge, metal machine. Remember, Evocation is about the science of coffee. The creation of your individual cup of coffee looks like an experiment complete with Erlenmeyer flasks and strange glassware.

Once the water (at the precise temperature) melds with the painstakingly-roasted beans, your coffee is served to you in the flask atop a piece of gray slate. The entire process, from growing to roasting to serving to drinking has been well thought-out and designed.

When Evocation caught the eye of cat-man-du CEO and President, Ray Wilson, he decided it would be the only coffee he could serve to his customers in the three cat-man-du locations.

cat-man-du works in the same way as Evocation. We have a commitment to quality in every interaction that customers have with us. We strive to live ethically by giving back to the community through charity organizations and by protecting the environment through our Green initiative. We choose to do business with companies like Evocation Coffee Roasters because they are different and we hope that people choose to do business with us because we are different.

If we put this much attention and care into choosing the coffee we serve, imagine how much attention and care will go into how well we serve you.

“Everything matters.” Including coffee.

Amarillo, Canyon, And Dumas Crippled By Massive Blizzard

It has been reported that some parts if Amarillo received up to 19″ of snowfall over last night and today. With winds topping 30mph,there were drifts over six feet deep left all across the Texas Panhandle.

Businesses all across the area have had to close their doors and schools have been closed for both Monday and Tuesday in some communities. Government offices in Amarillo have closed their doors for both days as well.

Even with warnings about the conditions of the roads by local news and radio, many people still ventured out ending up stuck as even tow truck operators were stuck in the massive drifts.

You’re local cat-man-du office hours to be open to service your computer needs tomorrow, but if that is not possible, our business clients can still receive remote support by visiting this link.

5 Must Haves For The Traveling Business Person

For most people, travel is normally the one week vacation with the family or maybe a romantic getaway for mom and dad once a year. For others, it is a routine that they take part in on a regular basis. It’s their job. It’s what they do.

Business travel can be a stressful occupation and a lonely one to boot. But, for those of you who venture down this career, there are some things that will help you enjoy your time and get the most out of your trip. There are many things to consider when traveling and here are some things you might want to pack away before you leave.

#1. Laptop Computer

For every business person, their laptop is their office. Where they get things done when they are on the go. Take a look next time your at the airport, you’re sure to see a sea of people with their laptop flipped open and working away right there at the gate. No longer is a business worker chained to their desk. Laptops can also offer a way to keep in touch with those you love. When on that long trip away from the family, it’s always nice to hop on Google+ and have a hangout with the wife and daughter. If you haven’t taken advantage of this feature, I highly recommend it.

#2. Portable Wifi

Believe it or not, there are still many hotels out there that don’t have in-room wifi. And in my experience, those that do offer spotty service at best. In my opinion, having a portable wifi adapter is a perfect solution. Have them activate the wired internet service to your room, hook up your wifi adapter and boom. You have smoking fast wifi right there in your room that is just as secure as your network at home.

#3. Smartphone

I know what you’re thinking, “Who doesn’t own a smartphone”. You’d be surprised. Besides the fact that you can check your email, interact with friends and family via social networking, and even document your trip, smartphones are almost a necessity for any business traveler. Dumb devices just don’t offer the convenience and speed that your typical iPhone and Android device do. These days you even see more and more people carrying other ‘smart’ devices like iPads and Android tablets.

#4. Hand Sanitizer or Sanitary Wipes

Don’t laugh. At home I’m definitely not a germ-aphobe, but when I travel it’s a different story. Nothing is worse than having to board a plane home with a terrible sinus infection you acquired on your trip. The moment that cabin pressurizes, you know you are in for the worst flight of your life. First thing I do when I walk into the hotel room is to wipe down the TV remote, telephone, alarm clock, and lamp switches. These are proven to be the dirties items in your hotel room regardless of how nice the hotel happens to be.

#5. Compact Rollaway Carryon Luggage

Airline prices are rising each day and they all seem to be looking for any way to squeeze an extra penny out of the consumer. The most recent way they have done this is to charge to check your luggage (any amount of luggage). For those on a short business trip, the best way to avoid these charges is to pick up a compact carryon piece of luggage. Even your average carryon can get flagged as ‘Too Large’ for carryon and end up having to be check which costs you money. To avoid this buy a more compact rollaway carryon and carry your laptop or ‘personal item’ with you. You normally don’t have any problem boarding with these two items in tow.


Desktop VS Laptop – Which Best Suits You

In the ever changing world of computers and technology, the next new device or computer is always just around the corner. Whether it be the new all-in-one touch screen desktop or the brand new laptop/tablet convertible, you have a choice to make.

Finding which style suits you best is probably the hardest part. On one hand the laptop is versitile and you can take it with you anywhere, but the desktop has the huge monitor and is constantly hooked to your home network. Now you’re standing in the store staring at the two weighing options and trying to figure out which is going home with you.

Well, maybe this post can be of a little assistance in the process. Take into consideration first, for what do you use your computer? Are you a business professional and in need of a portable workspace, or are you the casual internet browser who likes to catch up on TV and movies. Keep in mind that the average person keeps the same computer for an average of 4 – 7 years after purchase. Make sure you get what you need.

Here is a list of reasons you might want to purchase a laptop:

  1. You are a business professional.
  2. You don’t know when and where you might get tasked with building a spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation for your boss or client.
  3. You take your work with you when meeting clients and business prospects.
  4. You spend very little time at home.
  5. You spend much of your time on the road or traveling.
  6. You don’t have space for a workstation.

Here is a list of reasons you might want to purchase a desktop:

  1. You have a home workstation.
  2. You share the computer with family.
  3. You need a large monitor for graphic design, movie production, animation etc.
  4. You have a list of periferrals you use frequently that are not easily portable.
  5. You are a intense ‘Gamer’

There are more reasons to consider and each person has their own criteria for which machine they are going to unbox, but these are just some things that I recommend people think about when making a computer purchase. It’s an important purchase and making sure you have something that fits who you are and your needs will ensure a better ‘friendship’ between you and your computer.