UN Reports Major Security Vulnerabilities In Mobile Devices

A UN group that advises countries on cyber vulnerability has reported that the mobile device era has opened massive safety concerns when it comes to these devices. Hackers can potentially access over half a billion smartphones.

There is a bug that will actually allow hackers to clone SIM cards. You can imagine the danger in this. Hackers could then use these highjacked SIMs to commit finance crimes and even electronic espionage. Berlin’s Security Research Labs will speak to this at an upcoming Black Hat hacking conference on July 31st in Las Vegas.

“These findings show us where we could be heading in terms of cybersecurity risks,” ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Touré told Reuters.

Cracking SIM cards has been the long term goal of hackers around the globe for many years now. These cards allow them to identify and authenticate users of mobile devices from any where. It’s estimated that there are some 6 billion cellphones in use around the world and companies are now scrambling to find a way to secure the ‘at risk’ devices.

The hacker who accesses the SIM card can now text and talk “As You”. And, if you have your PayPal or Mastercard information synced to that device, they got that too.

Whether you are running AndroidiOSBlackberry, or any other device, you are at risk. Both Apple and Google have declined comment on the subject.