Ataribox Unveiled – We Think It’s Beautiful

If you’ve ever seen an Atari 2600, you will recognize the similarities in Atari’s latest entry into the video game console wars. This new console perfectly mixes vintage with futuristic styling making us think of alternate timelines where Atari stayed on top of the console game (don’t hate too much on that pun).

Not many details have been released as of yet, even the website for Ataribox states “Subscribe and be the first to learn more.” However, Atari has stated that this new offering will play both “classic” games as well as “current” games and will have “modern internal specs.” That claim alone will be a tall order to fill, as the new Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro have some amazing specs.

We like the looks and the idea that it’s not only another classic style console similar to the SNES Classic but have new modern games as well and that’s exciting to think about.

Let’s just hope that this new console is able to avoid the Pitfalls (I said don’t hate) that other video game consoles have fallen into in the past with their offerings.