New Android Koler Trojan Infecting Thousands via SMS

New Android Koler Trojan Infecting Thousands via SMS

Researchers reported a fake porn app that is infecting Android users everywhere. back in May of this year.  Originally,  the Koler Trojan would  infect users when the phony DaBoink app is opened, but has evolved to spreading via SMS text message.The Koler Trojan horse takes over an Android device and demands that the user pay $300 via PayPal or the phone will remained locked.  The pesky Trojan will reappear no matter if the user closes out the browser that is infected.  

AdaptiveMobile security firm was first to report on the new dangerous Koler Trojan.  The new variant disguises the Trojan as a ‘law enforcement’ fine and claims that the user was looking and storing  child pornagrpahy.  The security firm also reports that a massive text message to the victims contacts will also be sent:  “someone made a profile named -[the contact’s name]- and he uploaded some of your photos! is that you?” that is followed by a url link.  Once the link is clicked the user is directected to a Dropbox link  IMG_7821.apk.  The Trojan will disguise itself under the name PhotoViewer and thus infects a new victim.

Photo Via AdaptiveMobile Koler Trojan Screenshot

PCWorld advises that users turn off the “unknown option” in the Android Security to prevent users from downloading unknown applications not found in the Google Play store.  Don’t worry, the Trojan can removed off the device but is no easy battle.

Keynotes From The Google I/O 2014 Conference

Keynotes From The Google I/O 2014 Conference

Today, Android announced  a bunch of great products that  will be launching later on this year.  Everything from a new update and interface to the way wearable tech is being used was discussed. For those of who missed this event, here is what went down:

The New Android Smart watches

Android gave the audience a sneak peek of the new smart watches that will be released later on this year.  Like most smart watches out on the market, the watches will measure health analytics and alert the user when they have a notification through the use of sensors.  But what distinguishes these new watches from the rest is the voice capability and the automatic sync from watch to phone.  Another neat thing is when a user receives a call,  a picture of the person who is calling  will appear on the screen.  The user can even dismiss or answer the call through voice, which is great for driving.  Android is gearing up with other great companies, like Samsung and Motorola, to bring the latest in wearable technology to the public.


Android One

The new Android One smartphone will include a dual SIM card, 4.5 inch screen, and whole new interface.  Android claims that the phone will cost under $100, which is a great price compared to other phones currently on the market.  Developers wanted to create a whole new phone that changed the way  pixels were used. Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai asked, “What if pixels not only had color, but depth?” and that is why Android decided to change the user interface.  With the new L update, phones will have brighter colors along with a “ripple” effect.

Notifications will automatically show up on the main screen, and the user can seamlessly respond or dismiss the notifications.  Another neat thing is the way users are able to unlock their phone.  Android wanted to make the way users unlocked their phone more personnel by using wearable tech.  For example, the user can unlock their phone will use of a blue-tooth enabled smart watch.  All of the software and updates will come straight from Google, which will eliminate third party software that may be infected.


A Whole new Way to View Content


Through the use of Chromecast, users can display SMS messages,pictures,and videos on a TV without having to be connected to a Wifi hotspot.  Which is great for those who have long passwords or just want to simply play it safe. Users can even access movies and video games straight from the Google Play Store!  Video games are controlled by either the use of an Xbox look-alike controller or a tablet, which allows the user to play with the controller of their choice.  Another great thing, is the new ambience backdrop.  Android looked at blank TV’s as a canvas and decided to opt in for a more personal effect.  The new backdrop will include pictures from artists and places from all over the world and will even provide information of when and where it was taken.

Google’s Motorola Line Purchased By Lenovo For $2.91 Billion [VIDEO]

When Google purchased Motorola, it was losing money hand over fist. Google saw potential in the brand and began the process of rebuilding the integrity of Motorola. First, it discontinued the Motorola ‘dumb’ line. The use of more intuitive software and less gimmicks has been a hit since the release of the Moto X.

Lenovo has been making big waves in the smartphone market, but to this point has kept its sights off of the United States. With this aquisition, you can bet that they will begin to shift their focus when it comes to their lines of smartphones. When you look at the purchase price you will see that Google is taking a giant bath on this deal. They are selling to Lenovo for $2.91 billion only 2 years after purchasing the company for $12.5 billion. That is a huge loss.

While Lenovo is purchasing the company, it’s more of a partnership. Google will still retain the vast majority of patents including “current patent applications and invention disclosures.” This will be an ongoing relationship with Google.

You can bet that all eyes will be on the next line of Motorolas that roll out with Lenovo driving the ship. Lenovo will use it’s current brand of smartphone in the markets where they are already doing very well and bring the Motorola brand to the United States. In markets like China, they may market both.

This deal will also free up Google from conflicts with other partners such as Samsung along with shedding a losing handset business. In the long run this will actually increase profit margins for the search giant.


New Trojan.Droidpak Malware Infects Android Devices Via Windows

Android has continued to increase marketshare and with the new releases of Jellybean and KitKat the platform has become a favorite for consumers and developers alike. Along with the popularity, Android has now become the target of even more attacks using virus and malware applications. The most recent has been dubbed Trojan.Droidpak. It tries to install mobile banking malware. The thing about it is that it tries to install it via Windows.

“We’ve seen Android malware that attempts to infect Windows systems before,” Symantec researcher Flora Liu said in a blog post. “Android.Claco, for instance, downloads a malicious PE [portable executable] file along with an autorun.inf file and places them in the root directory of the SD card. When the compromised mobile device is connected to a computer in USB mode, and if the AutoRun feature is enabled on the computer, Windows will automatically execute the malicious PE file.” – Source Blog

Windows malware drops a DLL file that is malicious on the computer, then registers it as a system service. The from a remote server it downloads the configuration file and this is where the malicious APK which is called AV-cdk.apk.

The installation is repeated over and over to insure that the device does end up infected. Successful infection requires that USB debugging mode be enabled. The APK actually looks for certain online banking apps on the device and then prompts the user to delete and install the malicious version.

It has been recommended that users disable USB debugging mode unless it is absolutely necessary to what they are currently working on. It’s also recommended that users install a trusted security application as well.

Bulk SMS App Bazuc Exposes Android Users To Security Risks

Mobile security expert Lookout is warning of a new threat that affects users on Android devices through spam, bulk messaging and foreign banks. The threat is directly associated with a bulk SMS messaging platform called Bazuc. The platform offers users a bonus if they allow the app to access their messaging allowance. There have been over 50,000 downloads as to date. And according to the developer it has been downloaded from 3rd party vendors as well.

They bait users with the idea of getting cash for their unused text message inventory. What this does is allow the malicious people using the app to now send messages that bypass normall mobile spam filters because it looks like it is coming from your phone. And in reality, it is coming from your phone. Bazuc’s authors are basically charging vendors to send malicious emails using your phone number.

These messages have, so far, been directed at American users. But they have originated in Russia, Nigeria, Poland, and Mexico. They have ranged from simple registration requests, to password and PIN code farming.

The real problem occurs in the fact that the messages are open for the owner of the relay to see. This puts banks and other institutions clients at risk.

Bazuc is not considered “malware” due to the fact that is just exploits loopholes in all mobile platforms. If you install this app, you risk all of your personal information being shared with many different people and organizations. It is very easy for this information to fall into the wrong hands.

While Bazuc isn’t breaking any rules, phone users who have downloaded the app and used this feature have definitely suffered the consequences of this “loophole”. And this app, in most cases, breaches the terms of use contract that you sign when you pay for your mobile plan.

Lookout has also brought to light a very good point on their blog stating:

“…we can’t discount the possibility that this network could be used to send illegal messages, and in this case the owner of the phone is likely to find themselves in hot water with the authorities”.

So, the app isn’t breaking any laws, but it might just end with you getting in some trouble in more than one way. Beware of the Bazuc app.

Smart Watches Are The Calculator Watch Of 2014

I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the original calculator watch, but I am. I just so happened to own a bright orange calculator watch and when I walked into school wearing that thing, you would have thought that I had traveled through time. Everyone was checking it out and before you knew it, they were all over the school. I guess that was the birth of me being not only a techy, but an early adopter to-boot.

Well, the new thing these days looks like a flash from the past to me. Smart watches seem to be taking over right now. I’m sure everyone has seen the commercials for the Galaxy Gear smart watch that syncs to the new Galaxy Note 3, but there are a ton of smart watches flooding the market right now.

The Pebble Smart Watch

The Pebble Smart Watch is a highly marketed smart watch and was actually financially backed while still in the concept phase. They are a favorite among users and its firmware can be upgraded to allow for future OS upgrades to the device. The downfall is that currently it does not have a very robust system or very many features.

Martian Smartwatch

This watch is by far the most elegant of all the Smartwatches. This is not a stand alone device and requires a sync to a user’s smartphone. It supports hands free voice commands and can even control the camera of your phone directly from the watch.

i’m Watch Smartwatch

This is by far the most modern looking watch of the Smartwatches.This too has firmware that can be upgraded which is a good thing. As of right now the device seems a little bare and could definitely use some more features, but the sleek and sturdy design make this watch supercool, looking.

Sony Smartwatch

This smartwatch is an Android only smartwatch but is one of the more polished models out there. It is the 2nd generation and they did quite a bit to make sure that it was a contender. I’m willing to be that if this watch offered support for iOS devices it would be a favorite amongst all users.

ConnecteDevice Cookoo Smartwatch

Very little funtionality, but it’s not trying to be something it’s not. Just a practical smartwatch that is more watch than smart. While the software feels like it’s almost in the beta stages, it has a really cool look.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

This device seems to be the benchmark by which all others will be measured. Very polished look as well as OS. Syncs with your Note 3 (which seems to be the big downfall, not compatible with other devices) and will allow for calls, emails, messaging, and will even help you locate your phone if it’s buried under a heap of paperwork. It also senses if you’ve walked away from your phone and locks it, then when you return unlocks the device with no password needed.


uy Your Lenovo Ideatab Android Tablet Right Here In Amarillo – Shop For Christmas Early

Here’s the deal folks. We’re gonna give you the scoop on the new Lenovo Ideatab S2110A tablet, and we are going to offer you a way to get one without having to order online. We are carrying these badboys right here in our Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas offices!

The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A

It seems like you can’t throw a rock today and not hit someone who is making a tablet. Manufacturers are releasing them almost faster than you can buy them. This tablet is different. It comes from the hottest PC company on the planet. Lenovo has released the new IdeaTab. It is a 10″ tablet so you get a full size experience. It is really thin at .35″ thick. That’s basically 1/3 of an inch thick!

This tablet feels really nice in the hand. The front design is simplified with no front facing buttons, which is beautiful design of the new versions of Android. It has all of the normal ports and toggles that you are used to seeing. Power, volume rocker, headphone etc. But, it also has a SIM slot for use with mobile data and an HDMI port which is always nice.

The slim, sleek, and very smooth design makes for a very portable device. It also has a 5 Megapixel camera. The screen viewing angles are amazing. You really can’t distort or washout the display regardless of how much your tilt or turn the device. It has a 1280×800 resolution which displays better than most higher resolution devices. Reading and watching on this device is a dream.

It has a Qualcom Snapdragon Dual Core Processor clocked at 1.5GHZ. 1 GB of RAM and plenty of power to run your high end games and apps. It comes in 16 and 32 GB models which for most use cases is plenty of storage. Granted, if you keep your entire music and movie library on your tablet, you might want to opt for the 32 GB version. This is expandable by purchasing the super sleek keyboard dock which comes with full size USB ports.

The IdeaTab comes with some of your favorite apps right out of the box. Apps like Skype and Evernote are pre-installed. This tablet is running Android Jellybean and is expected to get the KitKat upgrade soon. You can expect around 6 – 8 hours of continuous use out of a single charge.



Google Nexus 5 To Launch The Last Week Of October

The leaks have been pouring in regarding the new Google Nexus 5 smartphone. From specs to pricing, it seems that everyone has been speculating what we might be getting in this new device. It is said that the phone will be released in the last week of October and will have specs very similar to that of the iPhone 5s.

A reliable source says that the new Nexus 5 will be announced and even start shipping at the end of the month. The price will be about half of what consumers will be shelling out for the iPhone 5s. The Nexus 5 will be sold for about $446 USD. While the source said that the specs of the new Nexus 5 will equal that of the iPhone 5s, there was no clarification as to what that means.

The lower price point is a way for Nexus to undercut the new iPhone and do so while offering a device with just as much under the hood. September marked benchmarks that showed the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5s being the top performers. These phones beat the LG G2, Sony Experia, and even the Samsung Galaxy S4.


The New Moto X Android Smartphone From Google Is The First To Be Made In USA

Google purchased Motorola in 2012 and since has mainly been “in the background”. They will be releasing the first Google inspired Motorola device this year and the Moto X will be unveiled in New York on August 1st. One of the biggest selling/buying points for this new device is that it is completely assembled in Fort Worth, Texas.

It is expected to create 2,000 new jobs in the Fort Worth and the Moto X leaked images show a Texas Flag wallpaper this is displayed on the device. The Moto X is expected to have a dual-core 1.7 GHZ Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, and a removable rear Kevlar shell.

Google is not the only company jumping on the “made in America” bandwagon. Apple has stated that the bold new Mac Pro would also be built right here in the US. Apple even kicked off WWDC with an emotional animated video that concluded with the phrase “designed by Apple in California”.

Photo via cnet

Best Business Apps For Android And iPhone

Whether you own an iPhone or Android device, you have access to an online app store where you can get games and apps. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that are available for both platforms. A huge percentage of those apps you will never even download to you phone. Finding useful business apps for the professional ‘on-the-go’ can be difficult as you try to weed through all of the games and clutter that has made it’s way onto the platform.

Here are a few apps that you will definitely want to download for you device. Browse over these and let us know in the comments below which of your favorite apps that we overlooked.

1. Documents To Go

Documents To Go allows you to read, edit, and even create business documents in the most popular formats. You can edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more. Granted you will probably not use the app to build your documents from scratch, it makes it nice to be able to make tweaks and corrections to your documents without having to launch your computer. With some formats you can even use your phone as a Powerpoint remote with your notes and everything right there on your phone.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a must have for anyone who has to transfer larger documents. You can now share heavy documents and folders with your desktop, laptop, mobile device, and even grant access to other users. If you have a large file that you cannot email to a client or even yourself, upload it to dropbox and it is readily available no matter what device you are using.

3. Hopstop

For the traveler, Hopstop is a must. This app will let you know whether your best travel option is walking, taxi, train, or bus. You can even narrow things down by “fewest transfers” and many other filters.

4. Google Translate

If you are traveling to a country where you have never been before, Google Translate can be a super useful app. Imagine being stuck in a part of town with no way to converse with people in a different country. How do you find your hotel or get to your business meeting. Google Translate will take what you are saying (or what’s being said to you) and translate it to ensure that you are on the “same page” as the person you are talking to. It is suprpisingly accurate as well.

5. ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards will alleviate the problem of having a pocket full of business cards that end up getting lost before you can file them in your contacts. It’s simple. Just scan the business card using your camera. You can even sync the cards back to your PC.