Computer Repair

Computer Repair


Even the best PCs and Macs have hardware problems and/or get viruses and spyware from time to time and are in need of top-notch computer service and repair. When you have a problem, you can bring us your desktop, laptop or tablet (regardless of where you purchased it) and our award winning technicians will begin troubleshooting and repairing whatever is wrong immediately – without shipping your technology off to Dallas or Oklahoma City!

When we started charging our clients a flat rate nearly 10 years ago, our competitors copied our pricing but they’ve never been able to copy our service and attention to detail.

Our “One Rate” Service has two options with the following services:

“General Cleanup Service”  – This is for simple fixes and/or when data and programs aren’t  important.

  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Hardware Installation (Memory, Video Card, Hard Drive, etc.)
  • Software Installation
  • Minor Operating System and/or Software Configuration and Repair
  • Reload Operating System and Update (does not include data or programs)
  • Physical Cleaning Inside and Out
  • 30 Day “No-Hassle Warranty

“Virus Cleanup” – Cleaning and removing infections while leaving data in place.

  • Virus, Spyware, Malware removal Leaving All Data and Programs Intact
  • 30 Day “No-Hassle Warranty

In-House Services Not Included In “One Rates”

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We can assist in developing the right backup and recovery solution for you or your company. We will evaluate your existing needs and recommend the best-fit strategy. We will usually recommend a comprehensive routine that includes both in-house and off-site backups.

We offer powerful and inexpensive off-site backup solution.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from many different types of failures. The most common data recovery needs result from accidental erasures or failing hardware. We can recover from almost any erasure until the data is overwritten on the disk (after which point recovery is only possible using the theoretical magnetic force microscope technology.) If the drive has been partially overwritten, such as by a disk format or operating system reinstall, we may still be able to perform a partial recovery, which frequently results in the full recovery of the most critical data. With hardware failures, success depends upon the type and extent of the damage. Our rate of success with hardware failures is among the highest for the price.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Includes pick-up of desktop or laptop, delivery and setup as well as testing internet connectivity, 1 test print and 1 test email. Amarillo and Canyon ONLY!


In a hurry? Ask about our Expedite fee!