Windows 8 Review

When it comes to using the new OS, Windows 8, There can be some confusion even with experienced windows users. The new interface is set up to be more efficient for tablets and touch screens which can be very frustrating for laptop and desktop users. The greatest complaint Windows 8 has had is, everyone wants their start menu back. Good news for anyone who misses it, you can download it online and get it back. It is called Start Windows 8/StartMenu8, it is free to download and use.

Windows now has a lock screen also, this can be confusing to new users, but it’s as simple as tapping the space bar, touching your screen upward and moving your mouse to show the login screen. All in all windows 8 is faster and more convenient for internet users.There have been a few drastic changes but nothing that can’t be changed back. A great thing to remember is to keep your computer up to date and have updated software compatible with windows 8 for better service.


Free Windows 8 start menu:

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Social Media For Breaking News

In the wake of the recent Boston Marathon Bombings, there have been many people who realize that social media might not be the best place to receive breaking news. I’m sure that you probably saw a report of the bombing suspect come through your newsfeed.

The thing you might not realize is that the reports were wrong, and many times are. The moment that something breaks it is instantly tweeted, facebooked, google+’d, and posted to every form of social media. Then, sometimes, there is a correction or the information turns out to be wrong. Then you have a person who has been wrongfully identified as having to do with something, who has now been de-famed and slandered all across social media.

While social media is a great place to keep up with friends, or see what’s going on that night. Be careful what you take as true when it comes to breaking news. Maybe do a little research before re-sharing or re-tweeting a piece of “news” that might not be completely accurate. It can do harm.

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Yahoo Killing Certain Smartphone Services To Make Way For New

Yahoo is cleaning house and that means you can say goodbye to some of the apps you might be accustomed to using by the provider. These service include, but aren’t limited to, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, and the Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps used on feature phones.

It can be debated about the reasoning behind this move, but Executive Vice President Jay Rossiter says that it’s all about getting rid of the old to make room for the new.

“We want to bring you experiences that inspire and entertain you every day,” Rossiter wrote. “That means taking a hard look at all of our products to make sure they are still central to your daily habits. As part of that ongoing effort, today we are shutting down a few more products.”

Most of these shut downs will take place before the end of the month.


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IRS Using Social Media To Catch Tax Cheats

The deadline is Today and the IRS is out in full force. With the advent of new technology, they have now began to use different ways to catch on to people who fudge the numbers a little here and there. You guessed it, social media.

The IRS is now trolling through people’s facebook pages as well as other social media in order to see if they can catch on to anyone who might be trying to pull a fast one. They look for people bragging or mentioning how they pulled one over on Uncle Sam. Now I’m sure none of our clients do anything like this, but it might just be a safe idea to leave any mention of the IRS off of your facebook page.

I mean, no-one wants to get that letter in the mail about an audit or anything. So, here’s a peice of advice. First, pay your taxes. Second, don’t talk about them on any social media. For more information, watch the video below.

DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

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Lithium Ion Laptop Batteries Reported To Cause Housefires [VIDEO]

I recently had a client bring in her laptop several times. The first time she brought it in, we repaired the errors and she was on her way. When she got home a few hours later it didn’t seem to be working. Every time she would bring it in, it was working fine. After the 3rd time, I asked her where exactly she was keeping her computer and she replied “it usually stays on my bed”. That would be an issue that most people don’t consider. It is very dangerous to keep your laptop on a surface where it cannot breath. Not only can it over heat, it can be a serious fire hazard. It is recommend everyone keep their laptops on flat surfaces.

Over the past few years there have been more and more stories about house fires because of a laptop. The reason for the fires? Laptops being on soft surfaces and left on. Many computer manufacturers have been recalling lithium ion laptop batteries because they are highly dangerous, and can overheat bursting spontaneously into flames. Laptops should never be used or left on soft surfaces, whether it be on the carpet, couch, bed,on a paper filled desk,or dusty/dirty surfaces.

There are several ways you can avoid a fire caused by a laptop. Keep your computer away from combustible surfaces, make sure the power cord is not damaged, and also make sure your laptops vent is clean and clear of dust and lint. You can always spray air through your laptop to keep the vents clean. Another suggestion would be to run your laptop on AC with the battery removed and only use the battery when you are on the go. If a fire does occur, a good thing to remember is never use water, use a dry chemical like a fire extinguisher instead.

For more information on battery recall click here.


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