Custom Built Computers

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Did you know we custom-build computers too?! While we’re very proud to say we’re an official Dell reseller and these are great, high-quality computers, we also recognize that some folks prefer something other than what a “stock” system might have to offer.

We can either build a system to your specifications or we can custom-design one specially for you based on your needs and wants and then build it! Not sure exactly what you’re looking for but you know you want something fast and awesome? Give us a shout!

Have an awesome case in mind along with a great new motherboard and graphics card that’s going to ensure you’re able to play the latest MMO or FPS at top resolutions and screen rates? Check!

Are you a video freelancer and needing to be able to edit efficiently in 4K while still dazzle your clients with an awesome-looking machine when they visit your office? Check!

Have a custom computer already but maybe it’s time to update it to give it a little more “pep”? We’ve got you covered!

Whatever your custom computer needs, contact us today to see how we can get you moving in the fast lane with the cool kids!

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Custom computer build front photo

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World’s Largest Contract Chipmaker Recovering After Ransomware Attack

World’s Largest Contract Chipmaker Recovering After Ransomware Attack

Apple iPhone TSMC chipmakerTaiwan tech firm and Apple chipmaker, TSMC, said it was recovering from a ransomware attack over the weekend. Apparently one machine was online when it shouldn’t have been and this lead to the infection of more than 10,000 of their manufacturing machines in multiple factories. The ransomware was a variant of WannaCry which is a type of ransomware cryptoworm used by bad guys to encrypt computer data and hold it for ransom. TSMC says they are now back in full production again.

Always make sure you have a good antivirus program installed and up to date! Just as important, make sure you have a good, solid back up of any data that’s important to you!

Source: Reuters

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Microsoft Edge Allows for Web Logins without Remembering Passwords

Microsoft Edge logoMicrosoft Edge Allows for Web Logins without Remembering Passwords


By leveraging Windows Hello hardware, users can now log into websites using things like IR cameras, fingerprint readers, external security keys, and PINs without having to remember your passwords. Microsoft believes that having these additional means of logging in will not only allows users to log into website more easily, they also think this will assist users with security concerns, and that makes sense from the standpoint of things like key loggers (if a user doesn’t type his password into a field then a key logger can’t grab the password). While this may be true, please keep in mind that the bad buys are always on the lookout to crack the latest security ideas. Additionally you should be sure to follow existing best practices when it comes to passwords. This means be sure you have a safe backup of all your passwords, don’t use the same credentials for multiple sites, etc.

To try this you’ll either Windows Insider Preview 17723 or you can wait for Windows 10 version 1809 to be released.

Source: Windows Blog

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New Hours — We’re Now Open Saturday’s

Open sign for new hoursHaving computer or other technology problems but really busy with work or kids so it’s hard to contact us through the week? For your convenience and to better serve you, we’re happy to announce that starting today we’re open Saturday’s from 9am – 2pm. So give us a call or stop by today and let us serve your technology needs!

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CatManDu Now Offers Local Technology Concierge Service In Amarillo

We’re proud to annouce that we’re now offering our Technology Concierge service. This exciting service let’s you connect directly with a local technology expert — your very own Technology Concierge who can assist you with any technology-related question or problem you may have!

Need a new router but don’t even know what a router is?! Contact your Technology Concierge — they can help with that!

Looking for a new Internet Service Provider because you’re tired of Netflix “buffering” while you’re trying to binge watch your favorite series? Don’t keep suffering! Contact us today to how a Technology Concierge can assist you.

Is your computer running slowly but you don’t want to take it to that “big box” store? Sign up today and let your Technology Concierge help you!

These are just a very few examples of how our Technology Concierges can help you with your technology-related questions or problems. Please check out our Technology Concierge website at, give us a call at 806-350-8324, or stop by us and see us in person at our physical location (that’s right: we’re “real” people and we’re local — we’re your friends and neighbors!) at:

8501 SW 34 Ave.
Amarillo, TX

We look forward to serving you!


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Fighting Viruses Get’s Tougher – Popular Cleanup App Targeted

Over 2 million users recently installed a version of CCleaner that had been hacked and included a trojan virus, according to the software developer.

This isn’t the first time that software that is designed to help and protect computers has contained malicious code It is, however, the first time that a popular tool (used many computer repair companies and technicians) has been successfully targeted. And while the software company has given the all clear, it was recently discovered that the newer (not compromised) version is also affected.

It get’s worse, in addition to the Trojan injected into the code, the infection contains a second payload that hasn’t been executed as of yet.

This form of infecting a victim with viruses and malware is being called a “supply chain” attack because it relies on the fact that the person downloading and installing the software trusts the source and the software company.

The truth is, if the end users or the computer techs that they are trusting to remove viruses don’t stay on the cutting edge of technology (and news of this nature), they will end up eventually doing more harm than good due to future attacks like this one.

As enters it’s 15th year helping home PC users and home businesses battle the constant threat from hackers and viruses, we are committed to constantly monitoring the tools and apps that we use to fight malware, spyware and viruses and never become complacent.

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World Password Day

May the 4th has been coined World Password Day to create awareness among workers and home users everywhere to establish safe, secure and updated passwords. If you are using a common password, the same password for all your devices, or a password that is more than 2 years old then let us encourage you to participate in #passwordday and up your cyber security game.

Tips for creating a strong password-
Your passwords should be lengthy, because that is what makes them stronger. At least 8 characters long and difficult for someone to guess. Don’t use personal information like your children names or your birthday because that information is public knowledge and can probably be found out via social media or some other form of internet records. Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. This may seem daunting but there is nothing more daunting then having all your personal data stolen.

Make sure you use different passwords for each account-
If you recycle and reuse a password for each of your different accounts online such as your banking, email, Facebook, & other bills then you are making it too easy for a hacker to have access to everything. It would be like if you only had one key that accessed your car, your house, & your safety deposit box. If you lost that key and someone found it then nothing in your life would be safe. Hackers know people like to keep the same password for each account and they will use this against you. If the task of creating a new password for each account seems too hard then keep reading.

Get a password manager-
A password manager stores all of your passwords, remembers them & can generate new strong passwords for you all very securely. This way you can have the longest, strongest passwords (each different) for your accounts and you only need one password to access those. These apps have secured your passwords by only allowing you access on one registered device, by using fingerprint technology or by facial recognition. Click here for a great list of possible password managers to download-,2817,2407168,00.asp

If you have any other questions about creating or updating your password call us at 806-350-TECH. Happy World Password Day!

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Yikes, Are you still running Windows Vista?!

Windows Vista has officially gotten the boot from Microsoft as of April 11, 2017, and experts are suggesting you upgrade as soon as possible. The former CEO of Microsoft described Windows Vista as his biggest regret and now the company is finally cutting all support to Vista effective immediately.

If you are still running Windows Vista don’t worry it isn’t going to just abruptly stop working, but without the support of Microsoft or any of it’s updates or security patches we suggest you update to Windows 10 and we can help you do that. If you don’t upgrade then you are potentially putting your computer at risk of hacks, malware and other security risks and viruses.

Microsoft explained:
“As of April 11, 2017, Windows Vista customers are no longer receiving new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft. Microsoft has provided support for Windows Vista for the past 10 years, but the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources towards more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.”

As they put it nicely, Windows Vista isn’t the best software to be running especially now that Microsoft doesn’t offer support for it. Also, as more software and hardware companies begin to optimize and upgrade for the future of Windows, you can expect to encounter more apps and devices that do not work with Windows Vista.

We suggest upgrading your current computer to Windows 10, or if your current computer is not capable of running Windows 10 then it’s probably time to shop for a new computer. Either way, we can help you with this process and if you are not sure if you are running Vista then give us a call or drop by the office.

Monday – 8am – 5pm
Tuesday – Friday – 8am – 7pm
Saturday – 9am – 2pm

For any questions, please call our store at 806-350-TECH.

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10% OFF computer repair special!

Front of Mail Out

Back of Mail Out

We’re getting ready to mail out a promotional flyer but we don’t want to leave our digital friends out of the fun! With this in mind, we’re making the included coupon available online as well! To take advantage of this offer, simply print out the coupon and bring it into the store to be applied to your residential computer repair. Don’t need any residential computer service right now? That’s okay, just send it on to a friend in need! Offer expires May 31st, 2017, one coupon per person.
And, as if that isn’t enough; we’re also offering the first 200 customers who take advantage of this promotional discount on our residential computer repair service a $10 Lunch Gift Card to Public House located at 3333 S Coulter St. in Amarillo.

Now Offering:
• Computer repair for your laptop or desktop computer
• Unlimited backups for residential computers at $89 per computer per year
• Anti-virus for residential computers at $60 per computer per year
• Managed IT services for small or large businesses in the Texas Panhandle
• And much more!

*** New Extended Hours Starting May 1st ***
Monday – 8am – 5pm
Tuesday – Friday – 8am – 7pm
Saturday – 9am – 2pm

For any questions, please call our store at 806-350-TECH.

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Extend The Life Of Your Hard Drive

Eventually, every single hard drive at your company will fail. No hard drive is meant to last forever. The longest likely lifespan for a hard drive is 5 years…and that’s a generous estimate. It’s more likely that your hard drive will fail much sooner. However, there are ways you can take care of your hard drive to extend its life.

Data Backup
But first, we must note the importance of backing up date. This is critical for businesses of any shape and size, especially those that store data that would take days or weeks to replicate if lost…or businesses that store data that can’t be replicated at all. For example, say you are graphic design firm and you ignore the importance of backing up data. Suddenly, your employee’s hard drive fails (because it will at some point). That data is no where else to be found and now your employee must spend weeks replicating the work he already did. The fallout from data loss can be massive: angry clients who need their work done, wasted time, wasted money, and loss of customer trust.

For backup, we recommend a tri-fold approach that stores data in three places: on the hard drive of the computer, on an external local backup, and on an offsite backup. The offsite backup is crucial because if your business location suffers from a flood, fire, or other natural disaster, all of your data is gone if it is only stored on site. For offsite backup, the only thing we recommend is Carbonite, a cloud backup solution that continually backs up data so you don’t even have to think about it.

Back to the main point of this blog, let’s talk about how you can increase the longevity of your hard drive and save some time and money in the process.

Handle with care
Hard drives consist of a glass plate, a spinning head, and a read & write head. When your device is turned on, the hard drive is always spinning and when you are writing to the hard drive, the read and write head is moving back and forth. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop computer, or external drive you can’t shake it around, drop it on the floor, and move it a lot. You could reduce its lifespan or break it all together. With desktops and external drives, never move them when the hard drive is spinning (when the computer is on). If you must move them, make sure the device is powered down completely. Laptops are made to be a little more rugged but you should still avoid moving them when the hard drive is reading and writing. Put the laptop to sleep when you move it to get the maximum lifespan out of your drive.

Control the temperature
One of the biggest causes of early hard drive failure is overheating. The heat that a computer puts off causes the header and plate to expand and possibly collide, rendering the hard drive useless. It was found that the best temperature for a hard drive is 30-40 degrees Celsius, according to How To Geek. If your hard drive is running hot, you can use special fans to cool it down..

Defragment your drive
Fragmentation happens when your hard drive starts to fill up and stick data anywhere that it can find space. It is a lot of work for the hard drive to then search for that data. This hard work reduces the overall lifespan of your drive. Defragmenting helps reduce the amount of time that your read and write head looks for data. Give your hard drive a break by defragmenting it.

Shut it down
Though it has never been proven that shutting down your device is good for your hard drive, it can’t hurt to shut it down at least at night. If you are running a business and you have many computers, this will save you a lot of money on energy bills. If you are not going to use a device for many hours, it is best to shut it down completely. If you use your device on and off throughout the day, it is best to leave the computer on. This is because hard drives use the most power when they are running and when they are powering up.

Use a solid state drive
If you can’t get past the hard drive limitations, you should consider using a solid state drive instead. Solid state drives don’t have moving parts and therefore are much more durable, shock resistant, and they run cool. What’s the catch? They are expensive and you get a lot less storage for your dollar. However, if your company can afford it, it is a wise investment to move data over to solid state drives.

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