Xbox One – What You’ll Love and What You Need To Know

If you are a gamer, or have one in your household, then I’m sure that you are already aware of the new Xbox ONE. At least you are probably aware that it has been released and is on someone’s Christmas list. It’s been years since and actual upgrade to the Xbox gaming system. Sure, they’ve released the special editions, slimmed down the design, and beefed up the storage, but there have been no real changes to the processor or ‘guts’ of the device.

Well, that has all changed. The new Xbox is touting a brand new design along with brand new features. The processor can simultaneously switch between apps and inputs. No longer will you have to launch a new app and wait while it loads. This will all be done on the fly.

There will be a full NFL integration that allows you to watch the games, and see stats as they change on the fly. If you are watching a football game and your ‘fantasy’ wide receiver scores a touchdown, you will see your ‘fantasy’ results update right on the screen. On top of that you’ll have instant access to a skype based app that allows you to trash talk your friends after.

The new Call Of Duty Ghosts will have new rendering and all new skins for all of the graphics. The action and gameplay will be smoother and more realistic than ever. Prepare for this game to be taken to the next level.

Here is something that they are not advertising though. The new Xbox ONE will now allow for scanning YOUR room for licensing violations. Here’s an example. Imagine that you have gotten the latest UFC fight on pay-per-view. You invited 100 of your closest friends to a UFC party for some drinks and an evening of watching the fights. Well, now Xbox ONE can scan your room and report back to the broadcaster that you are violating the licensing contract and allow for proof for the broadcaster to take actual legal action against you. Big brother celebrates with this new technology.