Why Would A Tech Company Post A Photo Of A Bowl Of Fruit?

Many of our clients are older adults and they require extra time and attention. After all, they didn’t grow up with technology and often feel lost and overwhelmed by technology.

We had a couple come into our location at 34th & Soncy who needed that extra little bit of care and attention. They were very grateful for our help and wanted to show us that they appreciated us.

“What kind of soda do you drink?” the gentleman asked, “I’d like to go down the street and bring you back a soda.”
“I don’t drink sodas sir.” Maybe Carlos (one of our amazing Techs) would like one?
“No sir, I don’t drink sodas either sir.” He replied.

“What do you all drink all day?’ The man asked.
“Water sir.” We all said.

The lady spoke up, “What comforts you? I mean, what gets you guys by?”

Someone said “Good music and beautiful women ma’am.”

The couple laughed, thanked us and left.

A few minutes later, the woman returned with a basket of fruit.
“We just had to find a way to thank you all for being so kind and patient with us. We know that technology is difficult and it takes extra time and patience with us and you were all so accommodating. We felt we had to do something, and since you all appear to be so healthy we thought a basket of fruit might be something you would enjoy.”

We were all surprised and thanked the lady for the generous and thoughtful gift.