When Will Skpe Get The Messaging Fix On Windows Phones? Sooner Than You Think

The Skype app on Windows phones has been plagued with problems since the launch. The out-of-sync messages and missed messages have had users complaining that the app is almost a “flop.” Well, Skype has aimed to fix that. Project manager Jeff Kunins told The Verge that Microsoft is aware of the problem and a fix is in the works as we speak.

Some of the problem seems to be the Skype cloud-based servers. Microsoft has traditionally ran on a peer-to-peer system and they say that this is where they believe that the glitch lies.

Users will be able to expect that their Windows phone will sync across multiple devices without the annoying display of old messages or already read messages. Jeff Kunins also stated that running notifications will only sync on devices that the user is currently using rather than syncing to all devices that have the app installed. This will prevent multiple devices from ringing at once. Kunins said to keep your eye out for the Windows 8.1 app as it will have all kinds of new fun things.

Photo courtesy of Skyp – Facebook