Voice Of the Body


Samsung believes in creating a common platform base stencil that will allow developing wearables at a quicker pace. The first challenge was to pick a comfortable location for the wearable tech. The wrist was the best location to track and improve health care. The Simband is a watch that takes full use of the band and includes sensors that monitor blood and oxygen levels along with heart rate, blood flow, and water hydration continuously.

Photo via Live Webcast

ECG and PPG sensors measures blood flow through an electrical impulse within the artery located in the wrist. This allows developers to develop new software and applications that will benefit our health and well-being. One of the fundamental problems with wearable gadgets is power. The Simband charges with a miniature sized battery pack that clips on the back on the watch, thus excluding the need to take off the gadget to charge. The watch also includes bluetooth and wifi to allow developers to get instant access to cloud. SAMI is like a bank that stores and controls your data that is only accessible to the user safely. Not only will the watch count calories and offer personal coaching, but it provides a wellness score and insights to keep track of your wellness. Samsung plans on partnering up with several companies this year to continue innovating health wellness.