Tricking Facial-recognition Cameras With A Mask

Photo via Vimeo
The Government, along with social media sights, employ surveillance cameras with facial recognition software to track the publics every move, which is why developer Leonardo Selvaggio invented the URME mask.  Leo, a Chicago based artist and strong believer in public privacy, came up with the idea after Chicago placed 25,000 cameras with facial recognition around the city. Rather than camouflaging or hiding their identity, the user can simply wear a URME mask.

URME SURVEILLANCE: Indiegogo Campaign from Leo Selvaggio on Vimeo.

The mask is printed with the developers face that “Will track me instead of you and your actions in public space and will be attributed as mine because it will be me the cameras see” said Selvaggio on his blog. This new prosthetic will not only protect your identity, but will help you voice your opinion without the fear of repercussions. The mask is currently still in beta testing, but Selvaggio guarantees a release of the product later on this year. There is a printable paper version of the mask currently available on his online store.  Selvaggio is looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their “identities” for his project to create more mask options for the public.  But think first before you donate, there is no way of tracking who buys your “identity” and what actions they will use the mask for.