The Story Behind The Beginning Of cat-man-du Is Centered Around Classic Rock Legend Bob Seger

cat-man-du has been serving Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle with outstanding technical service and computer support for over 10 years, and there’s a reason behind that. When Ray founded the company, he did so to ensure that customer service was a priority as he experienced the lack of it in other tech companies. Nothing was more important to Ray and remains that way to this day.

Having been “in the trenches” when cat-man-du was just a start-up (and still to this day), Ray knew what it took to provide quality service. What better way to get return business than to give customers a “reason” to come back. This has been his goal for cat-man-du since it began (like many tech giants) in his garage.

Even the name of the company has it’s own unique journey on how it all came about. Check it out below.

The Story Of The Name cat-man-du:

Our company founder, Ray Wilson, was driving between Amarillo and Dumas one day while performing computer services as a side business when he decided to start the company. He was searching for a name that would both set the company apart from the many competitors and describe the type of company he wanted to create.

A song from 1975 came on the radio by Bob Seger called “Katmandu” that describes not feeling loved where the person is at currently and wanting to go someplace better. Because Ray had been in the technical industry for so long he knew that most customers were unhappy with the service they receive from computer repair companies and IT companies but that they just didn’t know of any other alternative. It also dawned on him that he could take three commands used in the Linux OS (cat, man and du) and phonetically pay homage to the Bob Seger song.

He went home that night and created the company logo and name. According to Ray “The name is a pinch of fun, a dash of nerdy and a whole lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll on a serving platter that puts our clients first and gives them a place to go and receive the service they deserve but can’t get at our competitors.”