Small Crypto Exchange Hacked (maybe)

Autumn leaf photoAre you into bitcoins, crypto currency, mining? Many folks nowadays are and the following is something to keep in mind as you pursue this new financial frontier in finances.

The small Canadian (?) Crypto Exchange called MapleChange is reporting that “due to a bug” someone stole all of their bitcoins. They originally said that while they are investigating the hack, they were, unfortunately, going to have to shut down the Exchange, their social media, etc. Everything. Gone. Poof!  No refunds either, by the way.

They have since brought a new Discord channel online for investors affected. Their twitter feed, below, indicates they returning alcoins so some users.

However, others outside of MapleExchange say this smells of an exit strategy of sorts rather than a bug. Whatever this turns out to be — hack, bug, or an exit strategy, be sure you properly research anything before investing your hard-earned money into.