Congratulations to Jim Kinter On Winning The Google Nexus 7!

First, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the Google Nexus 7 contest. It was great to see you guys helping build our social media footprint and the reviews that you all left were amazing.

Being a part of the Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas communities is an honor and we are proud to be your computer guru. Stay glued to our social media and store announcements as we will be launching great contests for some awesome devices in the future as well!


The cat-man-du team

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Is Here + It’s Awesome [VIDEO]

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist has made a huge splash in the TouchScreen Convertible laptop genre of new technology. This new laptop is a mean machine too. For those out there who are interested in the new convertible touch screen laptops, this meets or exceeds expectations.


I’ve had the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with convertibles from other manufacturers and none match the quality of the way the Lenovo looks and feels. This Ultrabook comes with an, i5 processor, 4GB RAM and a 500GB drive.


Whether you are browsing online, sharing your display with co-workers, or even making a presentation, the Twist has got you covered.


  • Laptop Mode allows you to utilize this computer just like you would your normal laptop. Running Windows 8 it will run all of your normal desktop applications with the greatest of ease.
  • Stand Mode allows you to browse and watch your favorite movies, listen to your music, and the TouchScreen allows for the total Windows 8 experience. It’s your full multi-media entertainment system.
  • Tent Mode makes it simple to perform tasks like playing touch screen games to displaying a PowerPoint slideshow to a group of prospective clients.
  • Tablet Mode turns this laptop into a full functioning responsive TouchScreen tablet. The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is all brought to you by Windows 8, the breakthrough operating system that has everyone talking.


Here’s the good news. If you want to walk in and pick yours up today, you’re in luck – cat-man-du has these right here in-stock at your local location and available for sale online or by phone. Here’s the full specs of the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist that we carry below and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to call your local computer “guru”.


Lenovo Notebook 3472HU
ThinkPad Twist S230U12.5inch

Core i5 3317U 4GB
500GB/7200 24GB SATA
Window8 64


ThinkPad S230u, 12.5″ W HD (1366 x 768) LED Backlight, Gorilla Glass, Low-light sensitive HD Webcam (w/oWWAN), Mocha Black, Twist, Intel HM 77, Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel Core i5 3317U processor, Y-Cam HD 720p, N-FPR MB, 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm, 4-1 Multi-Card Reader, 4GB Memory, 24 GB Micro Solid State Drive, Serial ATA3 with ExpressCache, ThinkPad a/b/g/n Wireless BT Combo (2×2 ABGN BlueTooth 4.0), Battery (LiPolymer 42.4Wh), Edge S230u, Windows 8 Pro 64 English

Lenovo Notebook 3472HU – ThinkPad Twist S230U12.5inch


5 Must Haves For The Traveling Business Person

For most people, travel is normally the one week vacation with the family or maybe a romantic getaway for mom and dad once a year. For others, it is a routine that they take part in on a regular basis. It’s their job. It’s what they do.

Business travel can be a stressful occupation and a lonely one to boot. But, for those of you who venture down this career, there are some things that will help you enjoy your time and get the most out of your trip. There are many things to consider when traveling and here are some things you might want to pack away before you leave.

#1. Laptop Computer

For every business person, their laptop is their office. Where they get things done when they are on the go. Take a look next time your at the airport, you’re sure to see a sea of people with their laptop flipped open and working away right there at the gate. No longer is a business worker chained to their desk. Laptops can also offer a way to keep in touch with those you love. When on that long trip away from the family, it’s always nice to hop on Google+ and have a hangout with the wife and daughter. If you haven’t taken advantage of this feature, I highly recommend it.

#2. Portable Wifi

Believe it or not, there are still many hotels out there that don’t have in-room wifi. And in my experience, those that do offer spotty service at best. In my opinion, having a portable wifi adapter is a perfect solution. Have them activate the wired internet service to your room, hook up your wifi adapter and boom. You have smoking fast wifi right there in your room that is just as secure as your network at home.

#3. Smartphone

I know what you’re thinking, “Who doesn’t own a smartphone”. You’d be surprised. Besides the fact that you can check your email, interact with friends and family via social networking, and even document your trip, smartphones are almost a necessity for any business traveler. Dumb devices just don’t offer the convenience and speed that your typical iPhone and Android device do. These days you even see more and more people carrying other ‘smart’ devices like iPads and Android tablets.

#4. Hand Sanitizer or Sanitary Wipes

Don’t laugh. At home I’m definitely not a germ-aphobe, but when I travel it’s a different story. Nothing is worse than having to board a plane home with a terrible sinus infection you acquired on your trip. The moment that cabin pressurizes, you know you are in for the worst flight of your life. First thing I do when I walk into the hotel room is to wipe down the TV remote, telephone, alarm clock, and lamp switches. These are proven to be the dirties items in your hotel room regardless of how nice the hotel happens to be.

#5. Compact Rollaway Carryon Luggage

Airline prices are rising each day and they all seem to be looking for any way to squeeze an extra penny out of the consumer. The most recent way they have done this is to charge to check your luggage (any amount of luggage). For those on a short business trip, the best way to avoid these charges is to pick up a compact carryon piece of luggage. Even your average carryon can get flagged as ‘Too Large’ for carryon and end up having to be check which costs you money. To avoid this buy a more compact rollaway carryon and carry your laptop or ‘personal item’ with you. You normally don’t have any problem boarding with these two items in tow.


The Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Takes Touch Screen Computers To A New ‘Level’ [VIDEO]

I am astonished at the speed that new tech designs roll off the line these days. It wasn’t just a couple months ago that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new Lenovo ThinkPad Twist, and now Lenovo has dropped another amazing peice of engineering in our laps. The new Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon.

It is multi-function and can be used as a complete touch screen Windows 8 desktop computer as well as laid out flat as a table computer, allowing you to gather friends (or clients) around the display and all take part in the user experience. Even as a business professional the applications are as endless as your imagination. Explaining what your talking about to your clients as they stare you in the face, knowing full well they cannot invision your idea can be frustrating. No more frustrating then having 7 or 8 prospective clients hovering behind them as you try to show them your design on your laptop.

The IdeaCentre Horizon changes everything. Imagine your talking to your clients and you can see that they are not grasping your concept, you then lay this machine down on the table top and spin it around for them to interact with using the touch screen interface. I can guarantee you will see some jaws drop.

If you loved squaring off on the old table top pac-man (and other games) in the ‘old-school’ arcades and movie theaters, then this new computer design will blow your mind. The new IdeaCentre Horizon takes an old idea and puts an entirely new spin on it. This machine has plenty of power to turn a night with the family or  a group full of friends into an interactive game night that no-one will want to miss out on. Lenovo is bringing back ‘Family Game Night’ in a whole new way. It’s also rocking a blazing fast i7 Processor, Windows 8 Pro, 10 Finger Multi-touch, 27″ Backlit HD Display.

While you can’t walk into your local cat-man-du and take one of these home with you today, you can get on a list to be notified of sale date. Projected on sale date is some time in the summer of 2013.

Would you have one of these in your home or business? Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Desktop VS Laptop – Which Best Suits You

In the ever changing world of computers and technology, the next new device or computer is always just around the corner. Whether it be the new all-in-one touch screen desktop or the brand new laptop/tablet convertible, you have a choice to make.

Finding which style suits you best is probably the hardest part. On one hand the laptop is versitile and you can take it with you anywhere, but the desktop has the huge monitor and is constantly hooked to your home network. Now you’re standing in the store staring at the two weighing options and trying to figure out which is going home with you.

Well, maybe this post can be of a little assistance in the process. Take into consideration first, for what do you use your computer? Are you a business professional and in need of a portable workspace, or are you the casual internet browser who likes to catch up on TV and movies. Keep in mind that the average person keeps the same computer for an average of 4 – 7 years after purchase. Make sure you get what you need.

Here is a list of reasons you might want to purchase a laptop:

  1. You are a business professional.
  2. You don’t know when and where you might get tasked with building a spreadsheet or powerpoint presentation for your boss or client.
  3. You take your work with you when meeting clients and business prospects.
  4. You spend very little time at home.
  5. You spend much of your time on the road or traveling.
  6. You don’t have space for a workstation.

Here is a list of reasons you might want to purchase a desktop:

  1. You have a home workstation.
  2. You share the computer with family.
  3. You need a large monitor for graphic design, movie production, animation etc.
  4. You have a list of periferrals you use frequently that are not easily portable.
  5. You are a intense ‘Gamer’

There are more reasons to consider and each person has their own criteria for which machine they are going to unbox, but these are just some things that I recommend people think about when making a computer purchase. It’s an important purchase and making sure you have something that fits who you are and your needs will ensure a better ‘friendship’ between you and your computer.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B540 w/ Windows 8 review [VIDEO]

Thinking of making the move to Windows 8 but still wanting a desktop for your desk? The Lenovo IdeaCentre B540 is an amazing all-in-one that is light, quiet, powerful and responsive.

As I used the PC the first thing I noticed is that it is fast and has a highly responsive touch interface (it has a ten point touch interface). I liked the way it felt to inrteract with Windows 8 tiles and apps. I also liked that the front was completly covered by the glass (no bezel to block the far edges from touch).

Another thing that I like about this all-in-one is that there is ONE cord (the power cord). It’s extremly simple and fast to setup and to move (weighing only 23 lbs).

This is not a PC for gaming enthusiests but has the power to quickly launch and support anything else you may need (spreadsheets, documents, bookkeeping software as well as games that don’t require high-end graphics cards and faster processors). That said, it packs pleanty of storage, processing power and memory along with a beautiful display.

Some quick specs:

Processor: Core i3-3220

Memory: 6GB DDR3 (upgradable to 8GB)

Storage: 1TB SATA Hard Drive

Screen Resolution:1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

1 Year Lenovo Waranty

The bottom line is that you get a lot of bang for the buck with this all-in-one. For $899 you get a great Windows 8 experience, a fast PC and a beautiful display – you can spend more and get better but this is a great entry into the new world of Windows 8 touch.


We Have A Winner For The cat-man-du Google Nexus 7 Giveaway

We would first like to thank everyone who took part in the contest. The prize is sure to delight the winner. I mean really, who wouldn’t be super excited about walking away with a 32 GB Google Nexus 7? The contest ran for about a month and we saw some great responses from our clients and community.

Please take a second to watch the video below as our CEO, Ray Wilson, draws the winner of the contest.

Thanks again for everyone who participated and remember, you can always find great and informational tech news here at and Whether your needs are for home or business, we are your computer guru.

You can also reach us on facebooktwittergoogle+, and linkedin.

Old And New Technology Merge With Paperman [VIDEO]

If you missed it in theaters you may be inclined to ignore this black and white short film – don’t. Disney’s Oscar-nominated short Paperman can be seen on YouTube just in time for Valentine’s Day.

What makes this film worthy of blogging about (especially on a computer blog)? Paperman blends old-school hand drawn and CGI Animation to create a new technology that is beautiful and captivating.

When describing the film’s unique animation blend, created with a new technology Disney calls “Meander,” Director John Kahrs said, “We brought together as best we could the expressiveness of 2D drawing immersed with the stability and dimensionality of CG. It really goes back to working with Glen Keane on Tangled, watching him draw over all the images.”

An enjoyable, romantic film, a new technology and 7 minutes worth spending – possibly watching with someone you love.


Google Nexus 7 Makes CNET’s List Of Top 5 Android Tablets – We Want To Give You One

Android is definitely making more than just a footprint in the tablet world. A community that was once owned almost solely by iOS is now seeing that marketshare invaded by Android’s new Jelly Bean OS experience. And, we understand why.

If you have been partial to android from the beginning, the updates can sometimes seem subtle, but for those who are making the switch from iOS to Android (which seems to be happening in larger numbers these days) the difference is night and day. With all the different Android powered devices being released, it can be tough to decide which is for you.

If you’re looking for something in the midsized range (not a full size tablet), there are a few choices out there. There is the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Galaxy 7, and of course there’s the iPad Mini. We know there are many more than this, but these are the big competitors.

For this post we are focusing on the Google Nexus 7 Android Jellybean tablet.

Google partnered with Asus to create this truly powerful yet comfortable device. The Nexus 7 is noticeably lighter than the Kindle Fire even though it’s the same thickness. It doesn’t carry all the ports (which google offers cloud service which rocks IMO) or rear facing camera which has seemed to make it a first choice for the tablet layman.

Android Jellybean has really knocked it out of the park with this OS. The newest release also installs the Android Butter UI which is one of those items that fit the “You Don’t Know What Your Missing Till You Have It” cliche. Jellybean is great on its own, but the new UI gives everything a quicker, smoother, and more responsive feel.

Google’s native keyboard and swype features have now reached true intuitivity. The keyboard rarely misses while using swype and the auto-predict feature nails it almost everytime.

The 1200 x 800 resolution provides great and vivid images, videos, and gaming. The resolution is noticeably better than 1st and 2nd gen android tablets that were released previously.

The quad-core processor is nothing less than ‘Smoking fast’. There isn’t much this processor can’t handle. From videos, multi-tasking, and high end games that are known to be processor hogs, this tablet runs seamlessly.

In all, this tablet is one hot tablet and voted the #1 of the small tablets on the market.

Here’s the good part for you. We want to give you one of these just for being part of our clientel and community.

Below are the ways you can get entered to win. The more ways you participate the greater your chances of winning!

  1. Share the cat-man-du facebook page and help us grow our fans.
  2. Follow us on Google+ and share our G+ page.
  3. Write a short review of the business and customer service that you received here – cat-man-du on Yelp.
  4. Visit our business listing on Google and write a review.

We will then go through all the different sources and randomly choose a winner of the Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet. Don’t miss your chance to win!

Home Computer Users Now Have A New Resource In

For home PC users who need repairs or a new system all together, is now your online resource to help you find the services that you need.

Whether it’s a virus removal or you are looking to purchase a new Lenovo ThinkPad Twist, you can find it here. The all new site has user resource information, tech news, and a full online store.

Now you can buy most everything we sell in our 3 Texas Panhandle locations right here on our site. So, for those of you who are looking for a great laptop or desktop, but might not be able to make it one of our stores, you can order online and have it delivered directly to your business or home. We combine the convenience of online purchasing with the same great service you are accustomed to.

We strive to the most reputable, honest, and knowledgeable team of IT Techs in the Texas Panhandle. Contact us with any and all of your computer needs.