New X-Box Reveal – LIVE BLOG

The new X-Box reveal is taking place now, and we want you to have all the information now. The next generation of X-Box will integrate kinect, controller, and wireless devices. This is truly a new innovation in the gaming experience. But, it won’t just be a gaming experience anymore. It will be a full entertainment system integrating movies, television, gaming, and internet.

12:00 – When you integrate wireless, controllers, and kinect motion, real magic happens.

12:15 – Over 10 million downloads of Smart Glass. The new Xbox will have Smart Glass technology built in.

12:30 – We are taking the world’s best controller and making it better.

12:35 – The VGA camera has been replaced by a 1080p camera which is without a doubt a gigantic upgrade.

12:36 – Voice is now more conversational and will allow use by the entire family

12:36 – You can switch between a movie and a game like the flip between channels with the new OS.

12:37 – You can do group conference calls on your television using Skype.

12:38 – The new Xbox LIVE will be based on Xbox ONE which will amplify an all new generation.

12:40 – 15,000 servers now power the network over the 500 that were in use when Xbox officially launched.

12:41 – You will now have a dedicated gaming DVR to share your favorite moments.

12:42 – The television screen is still the most important screen in your house and Xbox ONE will change how you view your television.

12:44 – You’re television will now become social. You’re Xbox will become the new ‘watercooler’.

12:45 – For Me, Halo has always been more than a game. It takes place in a rich sy-fy world.

12:46 – Live action Halo television series from Stephen Spielberg.

12:47 – Xbox will now be your home for Sports. An alliance with the NFL.

12:49 – Exclusive content that will only be offered from the NFL to Xbox. Your fantasy football team integrated into your television and a live broadcast!

12:50 – Use Skype to trash talk your friends when your fantasy football pick scores a touchdown.

12:51 – The all in one system for every living room. Your games, tv and entertainment come alive.

12:52 – XBox ONE will launch later this year. My guess, just in time for Christmas.

12:53 – One of the biggest franchises in gaming history, Call of Duty. All downloadable content will launch exclusively on Xbox ONE.

12:54 – Coming up, the preview of the new generation of Call of Duty Ghosts.

12:54 – Camera crew gives you exclusive look at Call Of Duty Ghosts in the studio.

12:55 – New cast of character that feel like real people. You are the underdog fighting against superior forces.

12:56 – A new character and team member is your dog. Your teammate.

12:56 – This is a completely new Call Of Duty experience.

12:58 – New dynamic maps that change according to what you do on the level.

12:59 – We design Call of Duty for gameplay. Period.

1:01 – New generation Call of Duty Gameplay.