New Google Music All Access Is iTunes Worst Nightmare

There are many differences between the iOS and Android (Google) mobile operating systems. Just ask an android fan and they will be able to name tons of them. From the instant marriage to iTunes to the lack of customization (unless you jailbreak your iPhone, which we don’t recommend), the list can go on and on. Granted early versions of Android had their stumbling blocks, the latest versions of ICS, Jellybean, and now Key Lime Pie have labeled Android as a easy match to the iOS system of the iPhone.

Now, iTunes vs Google Music. Since the development of Google Music users have raved about the ease of use, simple download features, and cloud based storage (not just for purchased music, but Google offers storage for your personal music as well) make Google music a hit. Well now they are bringing out the big guns, so to speak. They are now announcing the Google Music ALL ACCESS addition which will allow you to stream as much music as you want for 8 bucks a month. The cool thing about this is that you can que your music and ever re-order that music which are options not offered by Spotify and Rhapsody.

You can also download that music for off-line play which is huge. The great thing about the Google Music/Play applications are that your device is not married to them. You don’t HAVE to use these applications to download and upload pictures, music, and videos. You can still mount your device like any other drive using a usb cable and copy any type of file to and from the device. No external software or funky drivers. Just simply drive loading which many users might not find to be a huge deal until they have tried to copy a video or song FROM an iOS device.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to mess around with Google Music, this is your shot. Also, to sweeten the pot, Google is making the first 30 days absolutely free and you can cancel at anytime.