MAC OS X 10.9 Mavericks Brings iOS Features This Fall

Apple is hoping to break new ground and reclaim some market share this fall with the public distribution of OS X Mavericks. The new OS will be bring iOS features into the mix that include iBooks, Apple Maps, and Finder Tabs. These are just a few of the time saving enhancements that users can expect with the new OS.

Microsoft went to a full touch display for all devices with the release of Windows 8. It’s an OS that will run on any device, whether it be a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Apple has chosen to keep their OS’s separate and sprinkle some iOS features throughout OS X.

MAC OS X has a goal to give a cleaner look and feel, fix old bugs, allow for longer battery life, solve energy consumption issues, and will even throw in some file tagging features that will broaden the way users store and access their files.

New finder tabs will work much like the Safari browser allowing users to open new tabs in the finder and even drag and drop to organize them.

They have added multiple monitor support for full screen apps that were quite buggy in the Lion release of OS X. You can now open full screen apps on multiple monitors and switch between them seamlessly. Apple users have been asking for this for two long years.

The improvements to the Apple Maps feature are hoped to calm the chaos that ensued after the iOS release of the app. The full version is to have smooth movement and gesture control. It works basically the same as the mobile app with some added bells and whistles to allow for better desktop/laptop usage. You will now be able to find directions on your laptop and easily sync those turn by turn directions directly to your iPhone.

iBooks will now be part of the full OS X platform. It performs and feels much like the iOS version. You will be able to flip pages, browse and purchase online, sync through the iCloud, and never lose your place on any device.

Apple is bragging that Safari now uses less energy and is much faster than its previous versions. It will no longer waste processor energy on pages and apps running in the background. You now also have easy access to a bookmarks section built into the sidebar. This handy location keeps your favorite websites close at hand.

The new calendar has a new feel and facebook integration. It will keep track of facebook events as well as others created. The calendar is also amped up with maps integration so if there are addresses associated with the event, a simple mouse-over will give a map location to the event. You can now also respond to notifications directly from the notification window itself. The notifications will show update statuses, sports scores, and many other requested pieces of information.

iCloud Kechain keeps all of your computer log ins safe. No longer do you have to purchase third party software to hold all of your log ins secure. It is now part of the MAC OS and will safely keep those important usernames and passwords secure.

Apple has not revealed the new software’s price tag. Lion was release and was a $19.99 upgrade, so users can expect to pay something along these lines for this most recent upgrade as well.

Apple may not have gone above and beyond in this release, but they have built some great upgrades on top of their already solid design. The upgrades are not what many were expecting from the tech giant, but will likely keep current users happy and generate enough buzz to spur 4th and 1st quarter sales for Apple.