LG Ultra HD TV Shows Just How Real It Can Look In Job Interview Prank [VIDEO]

Ok, this isn’t the normal post you see coming from cat-man-du. It’s not a virus alert or review of a new tech product. It’s a video prank.

What it shows is something amazing though. I’m willing to bet that almost everyone reading this post has at least one (if not multiple) flat screen HD TVs in their home. When they hit the market they were top of the line and when paired with an HD signal offer amazingly crisp and lifelike video quality.

The evolution of HDTVs has been overwhelming. It all started at 720p and plasma display. Then the release of the 1080p and LCD display came out and everyone had to have one. After that, upgrades in the refresh rate increased from the base 60hz to 120hz and now many come with 240hz refresh rates which make watching sports and action movies an amazing experience.

Then was the birth of the smart TV which allow for internet access directly through your TV. Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are just a few of the many apps that smart TVs come with that allow you to utilize online networks for browsing and video streaming. Many also have apps that sync with your smartphone that allow you to mirror your phone or tablet directly on your TV. Samsung’s Allshare functionality is one of the more popular of these.

Now, they are stepping it up even more with the release of Ultra HD. or 4K displays. 4K displays have a 4096 x 2160 which is insane. In the video below you’ll see just how lifelike the video display is when people are tricked into thinking they are at a job interview when in reality, it is a prank which showcases the stunning quality of Ultra HD displays. Yes, it’s ok to laugh.