Kaspersky Antivirus Under Investigation

According to an ABC News investigation, a popular Russian antivirus software maker, Kaspersky Lab, is under investigation by the FBI and Homeland Security.

The popular software developer, which is intended to protect against digital threats like computer viruses and malware, is based in Moscow and in use in homes as well as businesses. It is also widely used in government agencies in the US like the Bureau of Prisons. Kaspersky Lab’s products are also sold at popular retail stores like Best Buy, Target, Office Max and Office Depot as well as being sold by local computer service companies right here in Amarillo, TX.

According to the ABC News article, “… in a secret memorandum sent last month to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Senate Intelligence Committee raised possible red flags about Kaspersky Lab and urged the intelligence community to address potential risks posed by the company’s powerful market position.”

“’This [is an] important national security issue,’ declared the bipartisan memorandum, described to ABC News by congressional sources.”

According to ABC News sources, in February, the Department of Homeland Security issued a secret report, and the FBI began investigating the relationship between Kaspersky Lab’s and Russian government.

With the tensions between America and Russia on the rise, several government agencies are issuing warnings about Russia’s intentions if tensions continue to rise. “’[Russia] seek(s) to exploit grid vulnerabilities to serve strategic objectives in wartime and are growing capabilities to strike at U.S. critical infrastructure,’ warned a report published by the Energy Department last year.”

“’The potential for lethality is astronomical,’ Carpenter said.”

Kaspersky Lab has stated that it has no “inappropriate” links with the Russian government, and even issued a statement addressing the investigation: “Kaspersky Lab does not develop any offensive techniques and has never helped nor will help any government in the world with their offensive efforts in cyberspace.”

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