IDC & Gartner Report Lenovo As #1 PC Supplier In The World

IDC has reported that Lenovo has now reached 16.7% of the global PC market. They were at 14.9% one year ago. That is truly remarkable growth.

Here are some excerpts from a statement delivered by CEO and chairman of Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing:

“We are proud that Lenovo has become the clear world leader in PCs, and we are grateful to our customers and to our global team for this success.   Even in the toughest PC market ever, Lenovo has not only gained share, but we have steadily improved profitability and introduced even more innovative products for every market segment.”

“The PC market is changing, but it still represents a $200b opportunity.  Lenovo can capture more of this opportunity than our competitors because we have built great balance over the last 4 years. 

“PC leadership is just one milestone in a longer journey to become a true leader in the “PC Plus” market, which includes tablets, smart phones, smart TVs and other “smart connected” devices.

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In the fiscal year ending in March of 2013, Lenovo reached record market share for the global market and has reached a double digit market share in 39 countries. The company has also reached record profitability at 34%.

Lenovo has also accelerated its PC Plus direction. It just captured 5.9% of the “smart connected devices” (tablets, phones, etc.) and has a positive projection for the future. More than 10% of their current growth is accounted for by the sale of smartphones and tablets.

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