Happy Birthday To Apple Macintosh – 30 Years

Photo via YouTube User “Gary Katz”

Happy birthday to Apple’s Macintosh computer. Back in 1984, the Macintosh was released. While it definitely wasn’t the machine that we currently recognize from the Apple brand. It was the beginning. It was an all-in-one version of the “Lisa” personal computer system. The “Lisa” was the first computer with a graphic interface and was the most popular computer of its time.

The Macintosh portable was the first official “laptop” as it was battery powered and was actually used to send emails from space. It was aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis in the early 90s, but never gained popularity among consumers. The 500 series was the first real and portable “laptop” from the company and was quite a hit. It was the first to include built in ethernet and stereo sound.

The Power Mac 4400 was the introduction of a real “powerhouse” computer. Many in the graphics industry will remember this as it was the industry standard for those who were designers and early web developers. Soon after were the release of the early G3 processors that separated the computers from the general PC on the market.

From all of these machines was the birth of the computers we see today. From the colored All-In-One iMacs and clamshell laptop computers to the full metal housing of the current MacBook Pro. It all started here. So, a big happy birthday to the Apple Macintosh!