Hackers Target Smartphone & Tablet Users With New Viruses & Malware

Security experts have stated that over the past few years and months that there has been an explosion of virus and hacker attacks on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Beware of viruses, malware, and new scams that you might have never looked at.

Some viruses and malware are annoyances like Leanne Karlgut experienced. Others are not.

“My phone started singing a song and the song had a couple curse words in it and there’s no way I could make it stop,” Karlgut said.

Security experts have noticed a 600% increase in the number of malware found targeting mobile devices. Cyber security expert George Waller says it’s estimated that up to 50% of devices are currently infected.

“As more people are using the phone for both their personal use and their business use, the malware writers are viewing that as a good, a good spot to hit you,” Waller said.

It’s as easy as clicking on a poison link and malware can be downloaded directly to your handheld device. These viruses and malware and log every keystroke you make. That means that they are recording text messaging, emails, and even your usernames and passwords.

“It could get your banking credentials and essentially go into your bank, act as you,” Waller said.

Another prediction is that newer versions of malware called “Ransomware” will be released shortly where the virus hijacks your phone rendering it useless until you pay a fee. Mobile wallet apps are also vulnerable using a shortwave transmission and interception technique

The details on this continue to roll out as hackers begin moving toward mobile hacking.