Great Tips For Keeping Your Mobile Device Secure [VIDEO]

In today’s times it’s important to keep your information safe and secure. With the release of smartphones and other handheld devices, that information might be vulnerable and we don’t even realize it. Here are a few things you can do to keep your mobile device secure.

Use Grab Prevention Technology

You can use ‘Grab Prevention’ technology which is normally a combination of an app and a device, which in most cases fits on a keychain. Then if someone picks up your phone or it gets more than a preset distance from the keychain, an alarm will sound or some other protection will be activated. You can set these to simply lock the phone screen, locate the phone through GPS, or sound an alarm.

Protect Your Lock Screen

It may seem like a pain, having to pass lockscreen protection, but it really can make a device more safe and even less desirable to a thief. There are many different options on both iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices to protect your lock screen. You can use the password feature, a swip feature in which the user must match a predetermined pattern, and even facial recognition.

Use Find/Lock/Wipe Features

All smartphones have built in functionality that allow users to “try” to locate their phone if it’s locked or stolen. These settings allow you to ring the phone, track via GPS, and even remotely erase all the data in the case of a phone that has been stolen. They may get your phone, but at least they don’t get access to your information.

Protect your phone from people who might want to not only steal the device, but your sensitive information.