Google Chromecast Brings Online Video Directly To Your TV

Online video displayed on home television is gaining popularity these days. But, without proprietary software and devices for both iOS and Android devices, it’s difficult to get video from your laptop, phone, or tablet onto your TV wirelessly. Google is changing that, and they are doing it with a very nice pricetag.

iPhones can mirror through appleTV and Samsung smartphones/tablet use the allshare software, but there is no single device that will stream live video from any source until now. Google’s Chromecast does just that. It’s no bigger than the typical USB dongle, yet when plugged into your HDMI port on your television, it allows your to stream online video via the local WiFi signal. This is nice because it won’t suck up your battery and you can do other tasks while streaming.

It currently streams online content from NetflixYouTubeGoogle Play, and Chrome. They are promising more sources in the future. The awesome thing about this device is that it only costs $35.00. Compared to a smart blueray player, roku, or full SmartTV, the price is very cheap.

Google promises no learning curve to use the device, and basic ‘plug and play’ operation. There is no remote. All controls are done via the device you are using to stream.

Watch the video below for an example of just how simple this really is. Wow.