Fruitfly Is An Almost Undetectable Mac Backdoor

Mac’s don’t get malware – right? Actually there’s more than 460,000 instances of malware for Mac which is significantly less than a PC but still something to be concerned with. That said, most of these are adware and the like and not as big of a deal as we see in the PC world. That said, Fruitfly is something to be very alarmed about.

Apple has released a patch to plug this particular security hole but variants have been released that may continue to pose a threat to Mac users. Once a Mac is infected, a hacker can take control of every aspect, including keyboard, mouse webcam, etc. What makes this unique, however, is that Fruitfly actually sends out notifications when the user isn’t active on the Mac. This would allow the hacker to spy on the user when they were not active – this is a new plot twist in the malware world – especially for Mac’s.