Cheaper iPad Mini Expected To Hit Soon

There is always the one main gripe when it comes to iOS anything, the price. Granted, there are people who are die hard windows, linux, and android users who would never in a million years purchase an iOS device, but these are not the people I’m talking about.

The people I’m referring to are the ones who would love to purchase a new Macbook Pro, but can’t afford the $1500 price tag, so the settle for a fast Windows machine for half the money. The people who would love an iPad but aren’t willing to shell out $600 when they can get an Android tablet for $400 that does just as much and in many cases more.

Well, for those people, you might just be in luck. Looks like Apple is going to release a new iPad Mini that takes the price down to the same level as the Google Nexus 7. You read that right. Would you buy an iPad Mini if it were on sale for $250, or would you go with the Google Nexus? I know from experience that the Nexus is a smoking tablet that anyone can fall in love with, but I’m an Android user. This might just increase Apples iPad sales and right before the end of the year as well, which will look good to investors.

I wonder if this is a move to increase stock prices in the company, or increase sales, or both. But, whatever reason there is behind it, I can see a lot of people snatching these up over the Summer.

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