bRight Switch Working To Integrate Android Touch Screen To Your Light Switches

bRight Switches¬†could be making their way into a home near you, maybe even yours. This will basically replace your plain light switches with a tablet device. Of course this won’t be just any old light switch. It will expand the functionality well beyond just turning on your lights.

One of the many things that the new “switches” will do will be able to recognize when someone walks into a room and adjust the lights accordingly. It will also allow you to turn on and off your lights remotely by logging in through the internet and even has learning behavior that allows it to get to know your routines and have things “just the way you like it” right when you walk in the door.

it will also provide security for your home and even allow you to access video footage from all the tablet interfaces in your home. It will even trigger an alarm if triggered by motion.

The wall-mounted tablets will be able to run most other native Android apps so you could even launch an Angry Bird or two from your wall. The platform is also expected to have much expansion to allow for future upgrades to the device.